Best plastic surgeon for body contouring

Best plastic surgeon for body contouring

Body contouring and other body plastic surgeries gained great demand among both sexes, especially after the great revolution in the cosmetic technique together with the high skills of the best plastic surgeons in Egypt.

Nowadays you can get body contouring surgery, or any other plastic surgery with no pain, no risks, no scars on the skin, and return home on the same day enjoying the immediate ideal body image that you have always dreamed of.

About the best plastic surgeon, Dr. Yasser Badi

Dr. Yasser Badi, a plastic facial and body contouring surgeon, has achieved many successes. Dr. Yasser Badi clinics provide almost all cosmetic services which are considered a comprehensive, integrated service facility. Below we will explain his professional career:

  • He got a degree in Medicine, From Alexandria University.
  • He obtained a master’s degree in plastic surgery.
  • He obtained the Egyptian Fellowship in facial and body contouring Surgery.
  • Yasser is an active member in most local and international practical conferences.
  • He won a large number of awards throughout his career.
  • He underwent about 1,150 successful plastic surgeries during his practical journey.

All these strengths put Dr. Yasser at the top of the best plastic surgeons in Egypt and the Arab world in Body contouring, facial, and other body plastic surgeries.

Cosmetic specialties provided by Dr. Yasser Badi’s clinics

The best plastic surgeon in Egypt, Dr. Yasser Badi, provides within his clinics a wide list of multiple cosmetic services, which is why Dr. Yasser’s integrated clinics are some of the most famous cosmetic facilities in Egypt and the Arab world. Dr. Yasser’s clinics provide:

Face and body contouring cosmetic surgeries

Reconstructive surgeries

  • Repairing crooked nose.
  • Broken nasal bones repairing.
  • Rhinoplasty surgeries (rhinoplasty – nose reduction surgery).

Non-surgical body contouring.

Liposuction techniques in Dr. Yasser Badi’s clinics

Dr. Yasser Badi’s clinics are integrated facilities that include all the modern and advanced liposuction technologies. Each technique is tailored according to the patient’s case, goals, the amount of fat to be suctioned, and the type of fat. Liposuction and body contouring available options are:

  • Laser liposuction.
  • Body contouring using VASER technology.
  • Surgical liposuction.
  • Coolsculpting technology.
  • Using radio waves to melt fat.
  • Mesotherapy injection.
  • Using G-Plasma technology to remove fat from the body.

Facial and body plastic surgeon’s instructions

The best plastic surgeon Dr. Yasser Badi stated the instructions to be followed before cosmetic intervention to ensure both safety and efficacy, which are:

  • Conducting comprehensive laboratory tests and examinations.
  • Fasting before the operation.
  • Talk to your specialist plastic surgeon about your anticipated results and desires.
  • Review pictures before and after the operation.
  • Identify the stages of the process, the nature of the technique, and postoperative requirements.
  • Stop taking any medications that affect bleeding.
  • Follow up blood pressure and blood glucose measurements.
  • Obtain approval of the leave request for one week.
Best plastic surgeon for body contouring
Best plastic surgeon for body contouring

Plastic surgery recovery  

The best plastic surgeon, stresses that there some factors play an important role in determining the recovery period length, such as:

  • Type of anesthesia used.
  • Patient’s health condition.
  • The extent of the body’s response to cosmetic intervention and the speed of healing.
  • The occurrence of bruising, redness, and sensitivity.
  • The accuracy and the skills of the cosmetic surgeon in achieving results and targeting the desired area.

My experience with buttocks liposuction with Dr. Yasser Badi

I had the buttocks liposuction experience with the best plastic surgeon, Dr. Yasser Badi, inside his medical facility two years ago. I felt safe when I saw the level of services provided to patients and the extent of care from the medical team. The entire procedure was done using local anesthesia and the skilled doctor, Dr. Yasser Badi, began liposuction. Gradually inserted a medical cannula using ultrasound and a Vaser device, until he had withdrawn approximately 8 liters. The doctor told me that I could use them for self-injection in the chest area to get more beautiful curves. I did not feel any pain throughout the operation and I loved saying thanks to the best plastic surgeon, Dr. Yasser Badi.

My experience with Body contouring in Dr. Yasser Badi’s clinics

The clinics of the best plastic surgeon, Dr. Yasser Badi, provide various cosmetic services. I was with my friend when I went to Dr. Yasser Badi for the first time, then I was excited to undergo Body contouring surgery to obtain the shape of fashion models, jewelry, and shoes to work in the field of fashion.  The operation took just an hour and the skilled doctor was able to destroy body fat. After the surgery, I could not believe what happened, my body was sculpted to resemble a sexy curvy figure. I was astonished by the results of the operation and the degree of precision in its implementation. The doctor told me that I must follow the post-operative instructions to maintain those ideal results.

My experience with breast augmentation surgery with a breast plastic surgeon

Dr. Yasser Badi is a distinguished mark in the field of cosmetic medicine. I praise his efforts in achieving the body shape that every woman dreams of. I went to Dr. Yasser Badi’s clinic, the best plastic surgeon in breast plastic surgery where I suffered from sagging in the breast after losing a large amount of weight in a short period, and after a clinical examination and imaging. X-ray, Dr. Yasser Badi told me about my need to undergo breast enlargement surgery using gelatinous implants to obtain round, full, firm breasts.

 I underwent the operation without pain and the operation took just forty minutes, and now, five years later, I am still enjoying the perfect, accurate results as if I had the operation last night.

My experience with double chin surgery

I was facing many problems with my double chin. I tried many times to hide it with a scarf with no use, and I always avoided taking pictures and sharing happy moments with my colleagues. After using several natural tricks to get rid of it, I went through the double chin removal technique without pain and surgery by Dr. Yasser Badi, the best plastic surgeon for women and men. The operation lasted 30 minutes, and I left the hospital four hours after the operation. The recovery period lasted a full week. Paying attention to every action and step avoiding violent compounds, chewing solid foods, eating gum, and the like. It was a successful experience. Success only depends on choosing a professional skilled doctor.

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Plastic surgery & body contouring specialist

Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery
Alexandria University Master of Plastic Surgery
Egyptian Fellowship for Plastic Surgery

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