Breast augmentation surgery

Breast augmentation surgery

The breast area is one of the most feminine areas in a woman’s body. It makes any woman confident and satisfied with her appearance. Many women are suffering from small breast sizes which is so embarrassing. If you have this problem don’t worry, because there are many simple and safe ways to solve the problem forever. In this article, we will clarify to you everything you need to know about breast augmentation surgery.

What’s breast augmentation surgery?

Breast augmentation is one of the most common plastic surgery which aims to reshape the size of the small breast originally, or because of some factors that affect women’s breast volume in particular weaning and post-lactation, when a woman feels that the breast has become saggy and empty. This situation is fixed by implanting stents in the breast area made of different materials, the most famous of which is silicon.

Why women are going for breast augmentation surgery?

Most people think that breast augmentation surgery is unnecessary surgeries, but actually, it’s pretty important for some people like:

  • The small size of breasts can make any woman impressed and lose self-confidence or be afraid of people’s comments.
  • In many cases, there’s a difference in the size of two breasts and that can make any woman impressed and then go for breast augmentation surgery.

Medical reasons for breast augmentation surgery

In addition to the previous reasons, there are other medical conditions requiring breast augmentation surgery.  In case of having surgery in the breast area, which may cause damage or difference in breast size that needs correction, the same in case of severe chest sagging after losing a lot of weight, or breast damage after long and repeated breastfeeding.

Methods of breast augmentation surgery

There are three certified techniques of breast augmentation surgery:

  • Breast augmentation by injecting self-fat, by pulling the amount of fat from the body and re-injecting it into the breast area, but the results are not guaranteed, for example in the case of weight loss these fats disappear and the breast returns to its normal size.
  • Breast augmentation through normal saline and water, in this case, an implant is being put in the breast, and then filled with saline according to the doctor’s opinion.
  • Breast augmentation surgery with silicone is the most common and successful method, and the results last for a  long time.

Breast augmentation surgery by silicone

If you’ll decide to go for breast augmentation surgery here’s the way how it works:

  • The doctor uses local or general anesthesia depending on the case.
  • The doctor makes a surgical incision to insert the filling, and this incision is in one of the following places: the area around the nipple or folds below the breast, or on the side of the arm (armpit area).
  • The doctor begins by making a pocket to insert the filling, and by separating the breast tissue from the chest muscle, and this pocket can also be worked behind the muscle instead of in front of it.
  • The surgeon starts to insert the filling in the pocket.
  • Finally, the doctor closes the incision with several surgical stitches, and the threads are either soluble or need to be unscrewed after the wound is completely healed.
Breast augmentation surgery
Breast augmentation surgery

The recovery after breast augmentation surgery

If you had a breast augmentation surgery you must know everything about the recovery period which can reach up to two weeks after having the surgery:

  • You can leave the hospital on the same day, of course after the doctor ascertain the stability of your condition.
  • In addition to medication and antibiotics, the doctor will advise you to wear a compressor corset or sports bra, to support the chest area, and help install the fillers in place until the body acclimates to them.
  • You can perform normally in your daily life but you must avoid making a huge effort or doing violent sports.
  • You must be careful about cleaning the operation’s surgical incision and sterilizing it to avoid infection or inflammation.
  • After full recovery, you need to see the doctor to make sure that there are no problems with the filling or the surgery.

Does breast augmentation surgery have any complications?

First of all, you must make sure of the surgeon’s reputation and his medical experience. Here’s a list of these complications:

  • The infection causes a fever and breast swelling.
  • If the surgeon doesn’t select the right size of silicone, the size of the two breasts wouldn’t be the same.
  • The wrong surgical incision causes deformation of the general appearance of the area.

How long does silicone filling last?

Fortunately, Breast augmentation surgery by silicone filling can last up to 20 years and more. In case the shape of the breast changes or being saggy, it’s possible to remove and replace the filling with a small surgery of a maximum of 30 minutes.

Does breast augmentation surgery affect breastfeeding?

A lot of ladies have wrong thoughts about breast augmentation surgery, they think that they can’t breastfeed their baby with silicone filling or Self-injected fat. This isn’t true because as we say that silicone will be under the muscle of the breast, so it won’t affect the lactic channels or the nerves in this area.

Does breast augmentation surgery affect pregnancy?

It’s very common that breast augmentation surgery can negatively affect the pregnancy, but this isn’t true, there isn’t any study saying that woman won’t be able to have a baby after breast augmentation surgery. Another wrong belief is that Breast augmentation surgery by silicone filling can cause fetal impairment.

Finally, my dear women, if the size of the breast affect negatively your self-confidence and make you feel impressed, you should go for breast augmentation surgery that becomes recently one of the easiest and simple surgery.

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