Plastic surgery for men

Plastic surgery for men

Some people believe that the world of cosmetic procedures is just for women, but recent studies don’t show that. Plastic surgery for men is going viral, the reason for this is the desire of young people and men to have the perfect flawless objects, As with celebrities of stars, actors, and global players whose images are widely shared on social media sites In the following lines we provide you with an overview of the most famous plastic surgery for men, which are significantly increasing.

Why do men get plastic surgery recently?

There are many reasons why many men decide to do plastic surgery, the main reason being to get a young look with a sculpted athletic body, as well as many other reasons, such as:

  • The prevalence of cosmetic centers and clinics is huge, which makes it easy to do any operation you wish, and no need to travel abroad.
  • The low cost of plastic surgery has recently.
  • Increasing the awareness and acceptance of plastic surgery in general for both women and men. 
  • Amazing and immediate results, especially concerning body sculpting processes, you can now enjoy a perfect body in one hour, instead of committing to long months of exercise and diet.

The most common plastic surgery for men

Some people believe that plastic surgery for men is very few, but quite the opposite. Recently, men have been undergoing different types of plastic surgery for different parts of the body, quite similar to cosmetic procedures performed for women. There is facial beauty as well as body carving and liposuction, and other processes such as:

Body contouring surgery

Body sculpture operations come on top of plastic surgery for men recently. The dream of all men in the present era is to look attractive and more masculine, by highlighting strong muscles and body curves, for the most famous areas men want to sculpt are the abdominal and chest areas, So for a flat abdomen with prominent muscles, as well as carving the area of thighs and buttocks, It is considered discouraging to have too much fat in these areas in men. 

Methods of Body sculpting for men

There are many techniques for body sculpture, and laser and Vaser technology are the most famous of these technologies because they give amazing and immediate results with almost zero complications and risks. This technique is used to sculpt the body in case of mild or moderate specific areas. In the case of high weights, body carving is resorted to by surgery in which large amounts of fat are removed, then excess skin is cut and reshaped again. The process of carving the body with Vaser takes one hour to carve the area, and from two to three hours to carve the entire body, the patient can leave the hospital on the same day. 

Hair transplant

Most men have heavy hair loss at the age of 35 and may reach the stage of complete baldness at the age of 50, and this occurs for many pathological reasons such as male alopecia hormones, inheritance, etc., so most men decide to do a hair transplant. According to a recent study, more than 25 thousand hair transplants were performed in men in the United States of America only last year, As the cost of hair transplant decreases and its techniques evolve has become one of the most common plastic surgery for men, as is the chin hair transplant process for men with vacuums in the chin area or no hair in the chin are pretty common now.

Plastic surgery for men
Plastic surgery for men

Facelift surgery

 You may have recently noticed the complete change in features of some celebrities and famous men and the reason for this is the plastic surgery in the facial area, It’s not only for women, since men go for rhinoplasty, reshape the chin, removing the glug or what is known as the double chin, In addition to raising eyelids and removing wrinkles and expressive lines from the face. 

In addition, there are many other cosmetic sessions aimed at restoring vitality and freshness to the skin, removing pigments and traces of pills from them.

Gynecomastia surgery

There are many problems that many men face in their bodies or their skin, and many men choose to accept these problems and live with them without discomfort, but it’s very different in the case of gynecomastia in men, where it’s a disturbing nightmare for all those with it. This is because they feel constantly embarrassed by this problem and not being free to wear any type of clothes or perform the activities they wish to do. Men with gynecomastia consider that getting rid of this nightmare is a necessity and not a luxury, so the gynecomastia process in men is one of the most prevalent and acceptable plastic surgery for men by society. 

Botox and filler injections

Botox and filler injections are used to fix many problems, especially in the facial area. They are used to remove wrinkles, blow lips and raise eyebrows, countering the jaws area, and remove expressive lines that appear more deeply in men than in ladies, so men can get rid of these problems through Botox and filler injections that give effective results that last a long time. 

Laser hair removal

Laser hair removal cannot be considered a process literally, but it’s a cosmetic procedure. Some people think is just for women, but it isn’t true. Recently, men have become more likely to get rid of the problem of unwanted hair and remove thick hair from the chest area, arms, etc. to enjoy a gentler and more attractive appearance. Many men also use laser chin identification to facilitate frequent shaving.

Plastic surgery for men in the Arabic world

According to new studies, there is a huge increase in the number of plastic surgery for men in the Arabic world. The countries with the most plastic surgery are as follows in order:

  • According to the study, 135 thousand of different cosmetic procedures have been performed for men over the past three years, thus making Saudi men the most undergoing cosmetic procedures in the Arab world. 
  • As number two comes Kuwait and Qatar.
  • Then comes Egypt, where the cost of cosmetic procedures for men is greatly reduced, making it easier to spread and attract.
  • Finally, Jordan and Lebanon come. 

Before getting plastic surgery for men

Dear man, the desire to get rid of some of your body problems, or even wanting to look more attractive and youth  is not shameful, but there are some things to consider before having any surgery or cosmetic procedure before it turns into a disaster:

  • Choosing a good place with a good reputation to do the surgery.
  • Ascertain the doctor’s qualifications, as well as the license of the clinic, and under the supervision of the Ministry of Health.
  • Talk to the doctor about the problem with clarity, so he can imagine the final result you want.
  • Tell the doctor your illness history and if you take any medicine.
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