Best plastic surgeon for skin tightening surgery

Best plastic surgeon for skin tightening surgery

Nowadays, it is not difficult to obtain a toned and ideal body unlike it was in the past since modern techniques no longer depend only on exercise and diet, but rather on getting rid of stubborn fat and skin tightening.

Despite the spread of modern methods, choosing the best plastic surgeon is a challenge for many.  Dr. Yasser Badi, the expert and plastic surgeon for facial and body cosmetic surgeries, is an undisputed choice after more than 1,150 successful operations in various plastic surgeries, especially the skin tightening procedure.

What is the relationship between the skin tightening procedure and sleeve gastrectomy?

Significant weight loss following sleeve gastrectomy surgery leads to some sagging in the body, which gives the body a bad appearance and unaccepted changes in its shape, giving the person an older age than he is.

This procedure is the quickest and most effective solution to get rid of these ridiculous sags, and help you reach the ideal shape that you have always dreamed of.

The tightening procedure gives initial results within several weeks and final results within several months after the operation.

But a successful skin tightening procedure requires choosing the best plastic surgeon to perform it, who is highly competent in his field and follows the latest modern technologies since this operation requires extreme precision and high skills.

Dr. Yasser Badi, the best plastic surgeon in Alexandria, is keen to carry out the operation using the most modern techniques to give you noticeable results in hiding any signs of sagging in the body in any area.

Risks of sagging

Contrary to what is expected, skin tightening is not performed for aesthetic issues only, rather, the risk of the presence of these sagging extends to a risk of various skin diseases occurring.

Skin rashes and skin irritation are the most common types of problems resulting from saggy skin, since many folds of sagging skin trap sweat between them, and with friction, cause an itchy rash and boils, which may be accompanied by pain and swelling.

In some cases, loose skin leads to the presence of a very warm and sweaty environment between the folds of the skin, which helps microbes to grow easily and quickly that might develop into skin infections in various forms, including:

  • Bacterial skin infection.
  • Fungal skin infection.
  • Viral skin infection.
  • Parasitic skin infection.

Therefore, the plastic surgeon performs skin tightening procedures not only for cosmetic issues but also to prevent any diseases that the exacerbation of this problem may cause by getting a healthy, tight body without annoying skin sags.

Common body areas require tightening after sleeve mastectomy procedure

Although there are some other solutions to tighten saggy skin after massive weight loss at home, whether after sleeve mastectomy surgery or due to significant loss with any other cause.

However, none of these methods will work as effectively as skin tightening procedures work.

The process of tightening sagging varies in general from one person to another according to the degree of sagging in each part. Some require tightening of all parts of the body, while others may require tightening of specific parts of the body such as (arms, thighs, breasts, buttocks, and abdomen).

The tummy tuck operation is considered the most common among the various tightening operations, as it is the largest center for fat accumulation in the body. Therefore, the skin in this area expands greatly when weight is gained. The skin in this area becomes much more flabby than the rest of the body and requires careful surgical intervention from the best plastic surgeon.

Skin tightening procedures generally depend on getting rid of excess sagging skin and tightening the muscles to improve the shape of the skin and restore it to a firm, taut shape, which is exactly what happens in the abdomen or any other area of ​​the body.

Best plastic surgeon for skin tightening surgery
Best plastic surgeon for skin tightening surgery

Are the results of the lift procedure permanent?

The answer to this question is indeed yes, however, you should maintain a healthy, balanced diet and exercise to avoid any major fluctuations in weight.

Tightening surgery is considered one of the most successful operations in the field of cosmetics, as its success rate reaches 90%. The final result of the operation appears within 3 months, but it may take longer depending on the degree of sagging.

The success of the operation depends not only on choosing the best plastic surgeon but also on the patient’s commitment to carefully follow the surgeon’s instructions, especially during the recovery period. The upper area usually requires less time in the lower region recovery.

How long does the operation take?

Before answering this question, we must focus on this operation’s steps. 

  • The process begins with general anesthesia, and it is possible to undergo spinal anesthesia when tightening the thighs only. After that, the doctor makes the surgical incision, and the shape of the wound varies according to the area to be tightened and according to the size of the skin to be removed.
  • Since this operation requires special skill in hiding the wounds as much as possible that will turn into scars later, you must choose the best plastic surgeon to perform this operation with as many hidden scars as possible.
  • After making the incisions, the excess skin is cut off and the remaining two layers of skin are attached using surgical sutures to close the incisions. Then appropriate tubes are placed in them to collect any fluids or blood that collects in the wound after the operation.
  • These same steps are repeated in every area of the body that needs tightening, and more than one area can be worked on at the same time through an integrated medical team. Therefore, the operation time varies according to the number of places in which the tightening will be performed and the number of doctors operating.

Who can perform the skin tightening procedure?

This operation is not limited to women only but also includes men. However, this requires that the patient be in good health, have a stable weight about 6 months before the operation, and the patient should be over 18 years old.

However, in some cases, it is recommended to postpone the decision for the operation for some people who are planning for pregnancy or need to lose more weight. In addition, undergoing surgery with severe scars in some places may be an obstacle for some.

Therefore, you must choose the best plastic surgeon to make the right decision whether you are qualified to undergo this technique or not.

Why is Dr. Yasser Badi the best plastic surgeon to perform this procedure?

After a long record of successful operations, Dr. Yasser Badi deserved the title of best plastic surgeon. This title was not the result of coincidence, but rather due to his keen interest and concern for all the details related to the patient from the moment he arrived at the clinic.

He also cares about using the best equipment and techniques to perform surgeries in complete safety and with a high level of precision. He is also keen to choose an anesthesia and nursing team with the highest levels of efficiency to ensure the provision of the best medical care.

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