Best plastic surgeon in Egypt

Best plastic surgeon in Egypt

It might seem difficult to find the best plastic surgeon in Egypt due to the huge amount of advertisements spread all over the media, which diverts the person and hinders him from making the right decision.

Recently, Egypt became a destination for many people all over the world who want to perform plastic surgery and enjoy many of the advantages that Egypt enjoys in the field of cosmetics, especially the low cost, and the large number of reliable plastic surgeons.

Between the lines of this article, we will present an overview of Dr. Yasser Badi and his scientific and professional journey in the field of cosmetic surgery.

How do I find the best plastic surgeon in Egypt?

Several things you should not ignore while searching for the  best plastic surgeon, which are:

  • You should search for the doctor’s academic qualifications, from which universities he obtained these qualifications and the cosmetic surgery the doctor specializes in.
  • The best plastic surgeon is a surgeon who has a good reputation which is usually measured by the opinions and evaluations of his clients who can be contacted personally, or follow their comments and opinions on social networking sites.
  • The best plastic surgeon must have high skill and great experience which is measured by the years of experience in the field and the number of successfully performed procedures.

What should I know during the first visit to a plastic surgeon?

During your first visit with your plastic surgeon you should be aware of the following things:

  • Over Viewing the latest educational qualification obtained by the doctor.
  • Ensure that the doctor is registered with the Medical Association in the country to which he belongs.
  • Ensure that the doctor works within a licensed clinic by the Ministry of Health.
  • Ensure the cleanliness and sterilization of the place.
  • View some before and after pictures of the operations performed by the doctor.

Who is Dr. Yasser Badi?

Dr. Yasser Badi, the expert and the plastic surgeon,  is classified as one of the best plastic surgeons in Egypt for the following reasons:

  • He has graduated from the faculty of medicine at Alexandria University which is one of the most prestigious and oldest universities in Egypt.
  • He continued his career and academic degrees,  he obtained a master’s degree in plastic surgery and then the Egyptian fellowship for plastic surgery.
  • Since the practical aspect and theoretical knowledge are not enough to qualify as a surgeon, Dr. Yasser Badi refined this knowledge with experience and practical skills that make him the best plastic surgeon and expert in Egypt in this field.

How did Dr. Yasser Badi become the best plastic surgeon and expert in Egypt?

It’s not easy for Dr. Yasser Badi to become at the top of the best plastic surgeons list. Rather, he was able to achieve this after many years of experience and high skill.

Since he began his career, he has performed 3,500 successful plastic surgeries inside and outside Egypt. In addition, he was an active member of many international and local specialized conferences in the field of cosmetics. Finally, he possesses a huge base of happy and satisfied clients, whose dreams Dr. Yasser Badi was able to achieve and get rid of their problems without complications or pain.

Best plastic surgeon in Egypt
Best plastic surgeon in Egypt

About the human side of Dr. Yasser Badi

It’s important besides being a skilled doctor with great experience in your field, to have a great deal of humanity, understanding, and tolerate your patients.

According to customer experience, we can say that Dr. Yasser Badi is the best plastic surgeon in Egypt who possesses these qualities:

  • Able to understand the patient’s problems and concerns, by listening to him well, and asking many questions until the problem is identified.
  • He helps the patient to understand his problem and explains in detail the treatment steps.
  • He chooses the most appropriate and least expensive treatment method.
  • He is keen to support the patient before and after the operation and maintains personal contact with the patient during the recovery period.

What problems can be solved with Dr. Yasser Badi?

With the best plastic surgeon, Dr. Yasser Badi, you could get rid of the following problems:

  • Facial sagging, expressive signs, drooping skin in the jaw area, and drooping eyelids.
  • Treating all nasal problems, such as reducing the size, adjusting the inclination of the nasal septum, etc.
  • Surgical and nonsurgical body sculpting, and getting rid of local obesity that distorts the beauty of the body.
  • Re-injecting autologous fat to treat some defects in the body, such as re-injecting autologous fat to treat a thin face or enlarging the chest and buttocks, etc.
  • Getting rid of body sagging in all areas, especially the abdominal area.
  • Breast augmentation or breast reduction, breast lift and tightening, and treatment of gynecomastia in men.

Hundreds of satisfied customers and successful experiences with Dr. Yasser Badi

Both inside and outside Egypt, many happy clients consider Dr. Yasser Badi the best plastic surgeon in Egypt, because he provided them with many services, the most important of which is the ideal result that they dream of. In addition, he understands and listens well to their problems and calms their fears. Here, we mention to you the most important experiences of Dr. Yasser Badi’s clients.

Rejuvenate the youth and freshness of the face

Mrs. Soha talks about her experience with restoring the freshness and youth of the face with Dr. Yasser Badi. She says: “After I lost weight rapidly everyone noticed the saggy appearance and wrinkles in my face, which made me look older despite being 35 years old,  so I looked for a plastic surgeon, and some of my friends recommended Dr. Yasser Badi to me, and I have already had many cosmetic procedures done, such as cosmetic threads for a facelift, autologous fat injections for freshness, and treating facial thinness, and I have actually regained my face’s youthfulness and freshness. And I looked younger, and indeed, Dr. Yasser Badi is the best plastic surgeon in Egypt.”

Breast enlargement with Dr. Yasser Badi

As for Miss Manal, who came from Saudi Arabia specifically to undergo breast augmentation surgery, she talks about her experience: “I have been suffering from tiny breasts since puberty, and I noticed that I was different from all the girls who were the same age, and it seemed to cause me embarrassment and depression, and I was not able to wear a lot of clothes, and I gave up the idea of ​​marriage and engagement, due to my lack of confidence in myself and my appearance.

 But I finally decided to get rid of this suffering, and I underwent breast augmentation surgery with Dr. Yasser Badi, and now I am engaged and preparing for marriage. Thank you, Dr. Yasser Badi.”

Finally, you can contact Dr.Yasser Badi, the best plastic surgeon, or visit him directly, or contact the medical team in one of the branches of his clinic located in more than one place in Egypt. You can get more information or do an initial examination when you visit the best plastic surgeon in Egypt, Dr. Yasser Badi.

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