My experience with breast augmentation surgery

Breast augmentation surgery |My experience

Many women dream of symmetrical and symmetrical breasts in a way that suggests the beauty and femininity of women, so that dream is no longer difficult to achieve, and thanks to breast augmentation surgery and modern technologies, there are only hours between you and the dream to get an attractive female body and full and symmetrical breasts with all defects fixed so that the body looks perfect with the addition of various cosmetic fillings made of silicone or implants.

What is breast augmentation surgery?

Dr. Yasser Badi answered, explaining that breast augmentation surgery is considered one of the plastic surgeries that treat the problems of small breasts or asymmetrical breasts by adding artificial fillings made of silicone, medical implants, or Autologous fat injection.

As Dr. Yasser Badi said, the success of the operation depends on the correct diagnosis of the doctor and the selection of the technique that suits the condition of each patient separately, and the second matter depends on the patient herself in terms of following recovery and safety procedures after the operation.

Candidates for breast augmentation surgery

Dr. Yasser Badi explained the cases for which it is appropriate to perform this operation, and they are:

  • Women who suffer from breast atrophy.
  • Women face the problem of inconsistency in the size of their breasts.
  • Women who suffer from the problem of small breast size.
  • Women with breast cancer.
  • Women who have undergone breast surgery.

Steps to perform breast augmentation surgery using implants

Below, Dr. Yasser Badi explains how to perform breast augmentation surgery by using medical-cosmetic implants:

  • Conducting medical analyzes and ensuring the patient’s health ability to perform breast augmentation surgery.
  • A good examination of the patient and selection of the type of implants or fillings.
  • Anesthetizing the patient either using local anesthesia or general anesthesia, according to the doctor’s decision.
  • Make a surgical incision in the area of the dark areola, through which cosmetic implants will be inserted.
  • Adjusting the position of the implants so that they are in their normal position and then fixing them.
  • Lift sagging breasts and remove excess skin.
  • Adjust the consistency of the nipples to their new position.
  • Using medical thread to close the surgical incision. And put on a medical bandage.

Advantages of breast augmentation surgery

The following are the most important advantages that Dr. Yasser Badi talked about regarding breast augmentation surgery for women:

  • Treatment of breast problems, especially the problem of atrophy.
  • Harmonizing the shape of a woman’s body and highlighting the beauty of the breasts.
  • Achieving the shape of a prominent round chest that is full and stretched upwards.
  • Achieving consistency between the shape of the body and the size of the breasts.
  • Modern techniques do not leave traces of scars on the skin, and the doctor uses cosmetic stitches to hide the effects of surgical incisions.
  • Enhancing the girl’s self-confidence and obtaining immediate results.
  • Controlling the desired breast size through different types of cosmetic fillings.
  • The speed of carrying out the operation and leaving the hospital will not take more than two hours only.
  • Speed of recovery after the operation.
My experience with breast augmentation surgery
My experience with breast augmentation surgery

Recovery after breast augmentation surgery

Dr. Yasser Badi confirmed that the operation does not cause inflammation or sensitivity, but the recovery period varies from one patient to another according to the extent to which the instructions recommended by the doctor are followed and also according to the extent to which the body accepts these fillings, but at the latest, the patient leaves the medical center on the same day of the operation and the recovery period continues One week the patient follows the following:

  • Commitment to take medical painkillers and anti-inflammatory drugs prescribed by the doctor at their respective appointments to avoid infection.
  • Wearing a medical compression garment of an appropriate size to maintain the new breast shape and to avoid the accumulation of fluids under the skin.
  • Eat healthy food.

Cost of breast augmentation surgery

Dr. Yasser Badi explained how difficult it is to determine the cost of the operation due to the presence of several hidden factors, the most important of which are the following:

  • Different prices of breast implants used in breast augmentation.
  • The cost of surgeries associated with breast augmentation, such as breast lift, sagging removal, and breast atrophy treatment.
  • The experience and reputation of the attending physician in the field.
  • The type of anesthesia used in operation, the cost of the medical assistant, and the anesthesiologist.
  • The cost of the cosmetic medical center and the duration of stay.
  • Medical analyzes and examinations before and after the operation.
  • The cost of a ticket to the country where the operation will take place.

How long is the recovery from breast augmentation surgery?

Dr. Yasser Badi answered, explaining that it would take about 6 weeks, at most, for the traces of the wound to disappear completely, and also for the swelling and redness to completely disappear, and for the breast to begin to appear in its new shape.

Is it necessary to wear a corset after the operation?

Dr. Yasser Badi answered, stressing the need to wear a medical compression corset suitable for the size of the chest for two months daily to maintain the new breast shape, then the corset is replaced with a sports bra of an appropriate size until the breast is tightened, strengthened and supported in its new shape for three months.

Dr. Yasser Badi’s advice after breast augmentation surgery

Dr. Yasser Badi advises the patient with several tips, the most important of which are the following:

  • Communicate with the doctor in case of a high temperature, dermatitis, or unlikely side effects.
  • Avoid sleeping on the stomach so as not to cause excessive pressure on the breasts. It is preferable to lie on the back.
  • Avoid playing strenuous sports, carrying heavy weights, or climbing stairs.
  • Avoid hot water baths or direct exposure to sunlight.

What are the factors for choosing a plastic surgeon to perform breast augmentation?

Dr. Yasser Badi answered, explaining the criteria by which the most suitable surgeon is chosen to perform plastic surgeries, and those criteria are as follows:

  • You are choosing a doctor after reviewing the opinions and evaluation of previous patients.
  • Choose a doctor who has a scientific degree from the American Board.
  • Choose a doctor with experience in the field of plastic surgery.
  • Inform the doctor of all that is new in the world of cosmetic implants and breast augmentation in terms of types, sizes, and features.
  • See the scientific certificates obtained by the doctor.

My experience with breast augmentation surgery

One of the girls tells of her experience with the operation, where she said that she had been suffering from small breast size since she was in the university stage until she was approaching the age of twenty-five. Her body growth was still going well except for the breasts, and she was always embarrassed and hated wearing tight dresses and clothes. 

This girl went through several natural experiments to enlarge the breast and did not achieve the required feasibility, then she tried breast augmentation surgery using medical implants. 

The operation achieved positive and successful results and enabled that girl to listen with natural breasts of the same size that was agreed upon with the doctor, as for the pain after the operation The girl explained that she felt some possible pain in the first week, which she controlled through painkillers and following the doctor’s instructions.

The girl expressed her happiness from that beautiful experience.

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