What is 4D body contouring

What is 4D body contouring?

The images of celebrities and models who have slender, sculpted bodies are at the forefront of famous newspapers and magazines, especially since the image of a symmetrical, taut body with the highlighting of the abdominal muscles and arms has a great effect in attracting attention and drawing attention to it, so there are successive desires by young men and men to perform 4D Body contouring, especially the increased desire also among women, as this technique is suitable for both of them alike, but taking into account the difference like the man’s body in terms of muscle position, size, and type of fat with the nature of the woman’s body.

What is the process of 4D Body contouring?

Dr. Yasser Badi indicated that there are several different concepts for the same technique, as it is called 4D Body contouring or body sculpting using Vaser technology or 4D sculpting, both of which refer to the consistent reshaping of the gym after removing all unwanted deposited fats, which enhances the visibility of the abdominal muscles The six are suitable for the body of a man or a woman’s body, according to the special nature of each of them, and are suitable for use in the buttocks, chest, abdomen, and areas that suffer from the accumulation of fat in large quantities.

What are the advantages of 4D Body contouring?

Dr. Yasser Badi prefers to use Vaser technology in performing dynamic body sculpting operations because Vaser is characterized by the following:

  • The Vaser technique is very accurate compared to other liposuction techniques.
  • The Vaser technique gives the patient the desired positive results.
  •  Once the patient recovers from the anesthesia, the patient notices a remarkable change in the shape of the body, meaning that it gives the patient immediate results within hours of the procedure.
  • The Vaser technology enhances the presentation of muscles elaborately and consistently while maintaining the actual body weight without any increase or decrease.
  • The effectiveness of Vaser in getting rid of deep fat and lymphatic fat in men’s bodies.
  • Vaser does not leave burn marks on the skin.
  • Vaser does not damage the nerves or blood vessels surrounding the adipose tissue.

How is a plastic surgeon chosen for 4D Body contouring?

Dr. Yasser Badi explained the factors on which the most appropriate plastic surgeon is chosen, and these factors are:

  • The extent of the doctor’s experience, competence, and reputation in the same field.
  • The scientific certificate obtained by the plastic surgeon, preferably the American Board Certificate or its equivalent.
  • A doctor who has multiple evaluations and previous experience in performing the same operation.
  • Don’t get carried away with anonymous doctors who rely on promotional offers and discounted prices.
  • Watching before and after pictures of the 4D Body contouring procedure that was performed by the doctor

Who are the candidates for 4D Body contouring?

Dr. Yasser Badi explained the category of people who are suitable for the 4D Body contouring process as follows:

  • For patients who have muscular strength, as the contour used during 4D Body contouring enhances the highlighting of those muscles strongly and attractively.
  • People who are accustomed to doing cardio exercises regularly.
  • People who have sufficient elasticity in the skin, that is, the skin can expand and contract to suit the patient in the event of movement and rest after the operation.
  • People who have an ideal or close to ideal weight, with no more than 15 extra kilograms only.
  • Non-smoker,  Dr. Yasser Badi explained that the reason is that nicotine negatively affects the process during surgery and may cause complications.
What is 4D body contouring
What is 4D body contouring

How to perform 4D Body contouring?

Dr. Yasser Badi explained the steps of liposuction using the Vaser technique as follows:

  • Anesthesia of the patient using local anesthesia or what is called conscious anesthesia or the use of general anesthesia and the decision is up to the attending physician in making the decision.
  • A mixture of saline solution is added to the anesthetic, and then the area to be liposuction is injected. 
  • This mixture enhances the separation of fat cells from the surrounding tissues, blood vessels, and nerves.
  • A small surgical incision is made, and then ultrasound waves are directed at the area from which liposuction is desired.
  • The fat cells are dissolved in a liquid form, then the fat is suctioned and disposed of outside the body.
  • It is possible to benefit from that fat by using it in self-injection again.
  • The skin is stretched and trimmed to remove and tighten sagging.

Tips to speed up recovery

Dr. Yasser Badi provided all patients with several tips that promote a quick recovery, and these tips are:

  • Do not make strenuous efforts throughout the recovery period and adhere to complete rest to avoid any serious complications.
  • Visit the doctor at the appointed time to follow up on the procedures after the 4D Body contouring process.
  • Avoid carrying heavy things, playing strenuous sports, walking for long periods, or climbing stairs.
  • Avoid bending for a long time.
  • Take medications on time.

Possible side complications of 4D body contouring

Dr. Yasser Badi reassured the patients regarding the Vaser technique or the four-dimensional dynamic sculpting technique, as he said that this technique is completely safe to a large extent, but there are a few common side effects, including the following:

  • Some patients may experience slight pain.
  • The possibility of the appearance of traces of scars and continue for some time is not short.
  • Possible exposure of the patient to bruising and bleeding.
  • Feeling numbness or itching.
  • Some fluids come out of the surgical incisions and are disposed of through a drainage tube set by the plastic surgeon.

When should I communicate with Dr. Yasser Badi?

Dr. Yasser Badi informs all patients of the unlikely side effects that are an indication of the existence of some danger, and at that time it is necessary to communicate with the doctor directly, and these effects are as follows:

  • The patient had difficulty breathing and a sense of suffocation.
  • The patient’s high temperature or exposure to nausea and dizziness.
  • The presence of yellow or green secretions at the wound site.

When will the results of 4D Body contouring appear?

Dr. Yasser Badi explained that there is a difference in the timing of the results of the 4D Body contouring process, according to each disease. Still, on average, the results appear after 4 weeks have passed, until the bruises and redness completely disappear and leave no traces.

Are the results of 4D Body contouring permanently?

Dr. Yasser Badi answered that question, explaining that the results of the operation are permanent as long as there is a healthy diet followed. There is a preservation of the number of calories in each meal with exercise and drinking enough water to keep the body and skin hydrated. There is also an intention not to plan for pregnancy and childbirth in the coming periods.

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