My experience with vaser liposuction in Egypt

vaser liposuction in Egypt

Vaser liposuction is one of the most common cosmetic procedures in Egypt because the accumulation of fat in different areas of the body causes discomfort to many people, which makes them resort to Vaser liposuction. In fragmentation, suction, and final disposal of fat, so through this article, we will learn about some successful experiences of people who have undergone Vaser liposuction.

What is vaser liposuction for body contouring?

What is meant by the Vaser liposuction process is the suction of a large amount of fat accumulated under the skin in several specific areas of the body, using the Vaser technique. The sound waves that are emitted from the Vaser device are relied upon, and at that time all of the abdominal fat or any other area of the body is broken down to transform it In addition, the Vaser liposuction process is one of the safest and most effective cosmetic procedures in the world.

The target areas for vaser liposuction

The Vaser technique is used in liposuction from different parts of the body, as Dr. Yasser Badi confirms that this technique is completely safe, which makes it used in all parts of the body, but some areas are more common in Vaser liposuction, and these areas are:

  • Buttocks and hips.
  • Knees and ankles.
  • Thighs.
  • Abdomen.
  • The chest.
  • The lower side of the arms.
  • Neck and chin.

Vaser liposuction steps

There are a set of steps that Dr. Yasser Badi performs when performing liposuction using the Vaser technique, which are:

  • The doctor anesthetizes the patient with general anesthesia.
  • The patient is injected with a saline solution or liquid mixed with an anesthetic in the area to be suctioned.
  • A small incision is made in the selected area to introduce ultrasound to break up the excess fatty tissue.
  • After injecting some fluids into the specific area, the doctor leaves some fluids in the body to numb the postoperative pain.
  • The body absorbs the remaining fluid in the body during the days following the operation.

How to preserve the results of Vaser liposuction?

After completing the operation, the question that all patients ask is: Does the local obesity journey end forever after the Vaser liposuction? Therefore, Dr. Yasser Badi always answers that it is important to preserve the results of the operation by following some tips and instructions, because not following these tips will result in the accumulation of fat again, and therefore the results of the operation are not permanent, as there is no technology yet that prevents the formation of fatty tissue again, and therefore the best solution to ensure the continuity of the results of the operation remains to follow the following:

  • Sleep for a sufficient number of hours a day, to rest the body after the operation.
  • Doing some appropriate exercises to tighten the flaps after getting rid of the fat.
  • Eat healthy and balanced foods that contain dietary fiber.
  • Drink sufficient amounts of water, to maintain the elasticity of the skin.
  • Avoid fast foods or foods that contain fat, to avoid the accumulation of fat again in the body.
  • Not eating late in the day, to avoid the accumulation of fat in the abdominal area and then the appearance of the rumen.
My experience with vaser liposuction in Egypt
My experience with vaser liposuction in Egypt

Advantages of Vaser liposuction

The Vaser technique is characterized as one of the most reliable techniques in localized liposuction, as there are many benefits and features, which are:

  • The possibility of drawing body curves with great accuracy.
  • Supporting the growth of collagen under the skin.
  • Sculpting the abdominal muscles and raising the buttocks.
  • The Vaser device contains features that select the adipose tissue without affecting any of the surrounding blood vessels.
  • Tightening minor sagging, which can then dispense with skin-tightening operations, in the case of sagging of the first degree.
  • The fats resulting from the Vaser liposuction process are very pure.
  • The presence of a few bruises in the area from which liposuction was performed.

Some successful trials of Vaser liposuction

Many patients are worried about the operation, so we present to you a set of actual experiences of some people who talk about their actual and positive experiences, as follows:

The first experiment

One of the women residing in the United Kingdom recounts her experience of Vaser liposuction in Egypt, where she says, “I traveled to Egypt specifically to operate there, as I had a consultation with one of the most skilled doctors in Egypt through a video call, and the doctor understood my condition.” health and then asked me to come to Egypt.”

The lady continues her speech, saying, “I traveled to Egypt, and then I saw the doctor immediately after I arrived in Egypt, one day. He examined me well and asked me to perform some medical analyzes, and then set a date for the operation for me, and everything was wonderful.” When asked by this lady About the outcome of the operation, she said, “I was very happy with the outcome of the operation, as the results were amazing. I am really lucky with my doctor.”

The second experiment

A man recounts his experience with Vaser liposuction, saying, “I always wanted to have a fit and symmetrical body and an athletic appearance, but the fat in the abdomen was preventing me from achieving that dream. I saw the amazing results of the operation, so I seriously thought about getting the operation.”

The man continues his speech, saying, “I contacted one of the doctors who are known for their experience and skill in performing the Vaser liposuction procedure, and after he learned about my health condition and conducted some medical examinations for me, the doctor set an appointment to operate, and after the operation, I was astonished by the result, as he had been drawn the body and sculpting it on a specific template led to a noticeable change in the shape of the muscles. I am now happy with the final result and will do more exercises that the doctor specified for me to preserve the appearance of my muscles and my sculpted body.”

Third experiment

Another thirty-year-old woman talks about her positive experience of Vaser liposuction, saying, “I did one of the bariatric surgeries before, where I reached the perfect appearance that I dreamed of, but there was some stubborn fat accumulated in the abdomen area, along with loose skin, so I tried I often had to get rid of it to avoid surgical intervention, until one of the doctors advised me to perform Vaser liposuction, and after deep thought, I underwent this operation to get rid of this fat, since the operation I was very happy because of the success of the operation and the amazing results that I got, I wished I had I did it a long time ago, and it didn’t take long for me to think about it.”

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