Liposuction and body sculpting for men

Liposuction and body sculpting for men

Many people believe that liposuction and body sculpting are operations for women only, as they always want to reach the best shape to highlight their femininity, but what you may not know, dear reader, is that men want to perform plastic surgery and body sculpting, because most of the famous personalities and football players Men’s favorites have graceful and attractive bodies that many men and young men want to have, so what are the options available to men to obtain such bodies? Is what is suitable for women suitable for men as well? You will know that in this article on it.

Why do men need liposuction and body sculpting?

Many may see that liposuction, body sculpting, and body contouring for men are a kind of unnecessary luxury, but just as women suffer from asymmetry in body shape, the same applies to men. Body asymmetry exposes men to the following:

  • Loss of self-confidence, introversion, and shyness, especially when dealing with the opposite sex.
  • Not being able to practice some activities, especially swimming on beaches or open swimming pools.
  • Inability to wear a lot of clothes that require a slim and taut body, and having to wear wide clothes to hide defects, which gives a man a life greater than his real age.

What are the areas where liposuction is performed in men?

Liposuction operations are operations dedicated to removing fat and treating local obesity from any area of the body. For men, the most common areas are as follows:

  • Liposuction of the upper arms.
  • liposuction of the chest area or what is known as gynecomastia in men.
  • Abdominal liposuction.
  • liposuction from the buttocks.
  • Liposuction of the thighs.

liposuction techniques

Fortunately, there is more than one method that can be used to get rid of localized fat permanently, and the most prominent of these techniques are:

  • Laser technology: The laser device can dissolve localized fat, by passing a needle that shoots laser beams into the body, and through this energy, the fat turns into a liquid substance, which is easily suctioned.
  • Vaser technology: It is very similar to a laser, but it differs in terms of the energy emitted from the device. Vaser liposuction relies on ultrasound energy, which is superior to laser in dissolving fat.
  • Cooling technique: When fat is exposed to a certain degree of cold, it begins to break down and shrink. In other words, fat cells begin to die, and the body gets rid of them through the liver and kidneys.

surgical liposuction

If you are obese, and you have large amounts of fat, the aforementioned techniques will most likely not be beneficial for your condition, and the ideal solution is to resort to liposuction through surgery, where kidney anesthesia is used, and the doctor begins to make surgical incisions through which he can remove large amounts of fat, after which the doctor begins to tighten the skin and cut the excess skin, and suture and bandage the surgical incisions.

Liposuction and body sculpting for men
Liposuction and body sculpting for men

What are body sculpting operations?

Body sculpting operations in general do not aim to treat obesity, but rather to highlight the muscles and curves of the body, and get rid of excess fat that prevents muscles from appearing and protruding. As for the techniques dedicated to body sculpting, they are as follows:

  • Laser body sculpting.
  • Vaser body sculpting.
  • 3D body sculpting.
  • Four-dimensional body sculpting.

What is the best technique for body sculpting?

Four-dimensional body sculpting is the last and best that has been achieved in the world of texture coordination because four-dimensional body sculpting takes into account the four dimensions of the body, namely: length, width, and depth, in addition to the kinetic dimension, which is the dimension that was recently developed, by taking into account the four dimensions of the body, The doctor can reach the best result where all the muscles are prominent and tight in all different body positions, for example, the muscles are prominent and attractive, whether during sleep, walking, sitting, exercising, and others.

Frequently Asked Questions

Speaking of liposuction and body sculpting for men, many begin to ask a group of questions, which are the most common questions about these operations, and here we offer you these questions in addition to their answers:

Can any man undergo liposuction and body sculpting?

These surgeries are suitable for everyone, whether they are men or women, provided that they are over eighteen years of age and that they are free from chronic diseases such as heart disease, diabetes, blood pressure, etc., and the person must not be obese.

How do you choose the right place to perform liposuction and body sculpting?

Some many criteria and conditions must be met in the hospital or clinic in which you will perform this medical procedure in order not to suffer catastrophic results and complications, for example:

  • Verifying the doctor’s academic qualifications and examining the certificates he obtained, in addition to the license to practice the profession.
  • Seeing the experiences of previous clients of the doctor and the place, and making sure that they are positive and encouraging experiences.
  • The hospital or clinic must be extremely clean and sterile.

How long does the recovery period last?

The recovery period after the operation is determined based on the technique that was used, for example, the recovery period after liposuction and body sculpting with Vaser is much less compared to the recovery period after liposuction surgery, and many things must be taken care of during the recovery period:

  • Make sure to wear the pressure corset according to the doctor’s instructions.
  • Take medications on time, especially antibiotics, to avoid infection.
  • Commitment to rest as much as possible and avoid stressing the body through violent and exhausting activities for the body.
  • Eat healthy and useful food and be sure to drink water in sufficient quantities.

When will the result appear and what can I expect after the operation?

The result begins to appear immediately after the doctor finishes the procedure, and the body reaches the final result in a period ranging from one month to a month and a half, which is the period that the body needs to recover and adapt to the new shape of the body.

 As for your expectations after the operation, it is something that must be discussed with your specialist doctor. Where you have to talk to him frankly about the problems that you suffer from in your body, and the image that you imagine for yourself after the operation, and through this, the doctor will be able to achieve this image on the ground.

How much does liposuction and body sculpting cost?

If you want to know the exact cost of the operation, you must first see the doctor, so that he examines you and determines the number of areas and techniques that will be used during the operation. The more areas you want to sculpt, the higher the cost, and liposuction and body sculpting are with modern technologies and devices, it will certainly be higher in terms of cost.

In conclusion, we remind you, dear man, that liposuction and body sculpting are necessary operations and not a kind of extra luxury, in case you feel dissatisfied with your appearance, or have a problem in some areas of the body, so do not hesitate to take this procedure to enjoy a slim body and stable psychological state, and high self-confidence, and you can contact us immediately if you wish to know more.

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