What do you know about body contouring

What do you know about body contouring?

Body contouring operations are performed to obtain a harmonious, svelte, and sculpted body, where everything that a person desires is done In the body sculpting process to beautify the body, as this surgery is performed In many areas of the body, In some cases, Dr. Yasser Badi performs a joint surgery to reshape and correct the body.

What is body contouring?

Body contouring operations are based on the formation of some areas In the body and sometimes an operation is aimed at slimming the body, as this is how an obese patient wants to get a sculpted and toned body, In addition, some people want simple results, namely getting rid of cellulite. 

In addition, body contouring is everything that the doctor has to correct genetic or post-treatment abnormalities, which aims to identify the area where the defect is found by the person and carry out its correction with the decision of the appropriate surgical procedure for the patient. 

It is worth noting that body sculpting differs from traditional methods of liposuction in that it can smoothly highlight the aesthetic features of the body, and also bring some areas of the body to the desired shape and not just coordinate the body weight.

The difference between body contouring and liposuction

Dr. Yasser Badi confirms that both methods, whether liposuction or body contouring, provide a person with many benefits, and despite the little differences between them, there are many benefits such as the speed of treatment for each of them, the lack of surgical procedures and the accuracy of the results, the following are the most important differences between them:

Body contouring 

  • It remodels larger areas of fat
  • More accurate results In terms of shaping the body to the desired shape.
  • The anesthetic is used to reduce bleeding and swelling.


  • Liposuction removes larger amounts of fat.
  • Reduces weight without paying attention to the accuracy of body shaping.
  • It is used in cases of excess weight and accumulated fat

Candidates for body contouring

Despite how easy It is to perform the operation, Dr. Yasser Badi confirms that there are some Ideal people to perform this operation, without others, and these candidates for this are: are: 

  •  The emergence of fatty conglomerates resistant to sports and various diet regimes.
  •  Asymmetry of the body in the upper part with the lower or vice versa.
  • The presence of numerous fat accumulations in many places of the body, such as the abdomen, sides, buttocks, arms, and, thighs.
  •  The absence of excessive obesity in the body.
  •  The ability to follow a healthy and appropriate diet, as sculpting does not give the desired permanent results when not following a healthy diet

Tips before body contouring procedure

Dr. Yasser Badi Is constantly providing advice to all patients, in order to achieve the desired results from the operation, so there are a set of instructions that patients must do and follow before the operation:

  • The doctor should be told about the medical history and medications that the patient is taking.
  •  Do some tests and blood tests prescribed by your doctor for you before the surgery.
  •  Stop taking medicines and herbal supplements that cause blood thinning, for two weeks before the operation, to avoid any bleeding.
  •  Completely stop smoking and alcohol for two weeks before and after the operation.
What do you know about body contouring
What do you know about body contouring

Areas where contouring can be done

Of course, not all areas of the body are suitable for the operation, but the areas that are suitable for this operation, are:

  • Around the knees. 
  • Thighs and buttocks.
  • The area of the legs.
  • The back. 
  • The belly. 
  • The chest.
  • The arms. 
  • The neck. 
  • The jaw 

How does body contouring surgery works? 

The first step that Dr. Yasser Badi performs in the operation is to assess both the health and physical condition of the patient and then choose the appropriate technique for him according to the area where the body needs to be sculpted.

The approximate number of sessions that the patient needs is determined, and It is also possible that the patient may need one session, in the case of a four-dimensional laser sculpting operation, for that operation undergoes local anesthesia, and the patient does not undergo total anesthesia unless he wishes, as this technique causes almost no pain.

Dr. Yasser Badi makes an incision of about 1/2 cm In some places through which the operation Is performed, and the operation also takes between two and six hours.

Body contouring results 

The results of the operation are observed immediately after the completion of the session, in the case of using non-surgical techniques, and the results continue to appear for up to six months, in general, body contouring operations are considered first-class cosmetic operations, as Dr. Yasser Badi confirms that the results of the operation depend on a healthy lifestyle and a customized diet. 

 Although the operation provides immediate and quick solutions for body treatment and sculpting, except in the case of neglect of body care, it may lead to falling into the stage of obesity and body asymmetry again

 Therefore, Dr. Yasser Badi advises his patients that a balanced lifestyle and walking should be followed, in order to ensure that the results last as long as possible

The most important methods of body contouring In Egypt

There are several techniques and methods of the operation, as Dr. Yasser Badi confirms that he chooses the appropriate technique for the patient’s condition, which is commensurate with his health, from the following techniques:

  • Body sculpting with mesotherapy
  • Four-dimensional laser body sculpting 
  • Ultrasonic body sculpting
  • Three-dimensional laser body sculpting 
  •  Low-level laser body sculpting 
  • Body sculpting with cryolipolysis
  • Infrared body sculpting

The cost of body contouring surgery 

When performing any cosmetic surgery, especially body sculpting, you should not only look and consider the cost but there are several factors that control this, namely:

  •  The experience and skill of the doctor. 
  •  Type of technique used in the process. 
  • The reputation and fame of the place. 
  • The area to be carved 
  •  The amount of fat in the area to be sculpted. 
  • The patient’s condition and the amount of fat present

The questions that Dr. Yasser Badi answers before the body contouring procedure 

There are a number of questions that Dr. Yasser Badi answers before the operation, and these questions are:

  • Will the treatment be completely painless?
  •  Does the treatment include any anesthesia of any kind?
  •  Are our body contouring techniques suitable for treating my condition?
  •  How long will the results of the operation last?
  •  What techniques are suitable for treatment in my case?
  • Should I stick to a certain diet or exercise to maintain the results of the operation?
  •  The difference between the techniques that work in my cases in terms of the total cost of the operation and the expected time to complete the sessions
  • What instructions should I follow after the operation to ensure a speedy recovery?
  • what is the expected recovery period?
  • Is the Medical Center where the operation will be performed equipped to deal with emergencies and rare complications of this operation?
  • When do I expect to reach the final results I desire?
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