VASER liposuction

VASER liposuction

In the past, getting rid of accumulated body fat was extremely difficult. But recently, there have been many ways in which fat disposal has become as easy as VASER liposuction. This technique is what Dr. Yasser Badi prefers to get rid of difficult and accumulated fat for its immediate, guaranteed, and safe results on patients. They also tighten and sculpt the body in order to obtain a harmonious body.

What’s VASER liposuction?

It is a four-dimensional technique that is used in body liposuction, as it is one of the modern and recent technologies.

The liposuction surrounding the muscles is thoroughly dissolved, due to the distinction of that technique without others as very accurate.

What makes VASER the perfect choice is the ability to sculpt the shape of the muscles in both the state of movement and the state of stillness as well.

 Dr. Yasser Badi asserts that this technology sculpts specific areas that no other technology can reach like a chin.

Most importantly that VASER can be done by using high-strength and precision ultrasonic waves, not laser waves and this is for their extreme accuracy and purity.

The Ideal candidates for the VASER liposuction

Not everyone is able to do it, here we can find that Dr. Yasser Badi confirms the importance of how the patient is prepared for this surgery.

 You can find below the ideal candidates that Dr. Yasser Badi listed:

  • If you’re within 30% of your ideal weight, you will be a strong candidate for liposuction – any more than 30% and you may wish to consider more comprehensive weight loss methods.
  • The candidate’s weight should be around 62 to 82 kg, and any weight gaining must be in a particular area.
  • Need to shape any part of the body if it doesn’t have overweight at all.
  • People who are surfing from Double chin problem.
  • Sculpting the six packs area and making it perfect without doing any kind of sports. 

How does VASER liposuction work?

At first, Dr. Yasser Badi discusses the patient and identifies the appropriate areas for the procedure. He then determines the type of anesthesia that is appropriate for this condition. In addition, if the treated area is small, he uses a local anesthetic with a mild analgesic during the procedure.

At the beginning of the surgery, after anesthetizing the patient, the doctor injects normal saline in the area from which the liposuction will be done with VASER, This normal saline helps to numb the sensation, break up fat cells and also reduce bleeding, then the doctor inserts a small tube through an incision where this tube emits ultrasound in order to break down and drain fat cells And then these liquefied fat are gently sucked through a small needle.

The final results of VASER liposuction?

The period of the VASER liposuction surgery isn’t fixed, it depends on the case and the size of the area. After the surgery, the patient should be under observation for several hours.

Furthermore, Dr. Yasser Badi asserts that the results begin to appear in a very short time compared to other methods of liposuction where the fat is removed from the body thanks to the acoustic waves of it using a cannula and therefore excess body fat is eliminated and the skin of the body tightened.

To get the best result from the surgery you need to wait for 3 -6 months. In many cases the result lasts forever, it depends on how the patient takes good care of himself and does certain sports under the doctor’s supervision. The food style can help also; like law carps and low fats.

VASER liposuction
VASER liposuction

The recovery period after VASER?

Sure every patient wants to get the best result, so Dr. Yasser Badi gives tips and guidelines that all patients should strictly follow after the surgery are:

  • Prevent gain weight.
  • Get plenty of water and liquids.
  • Keep playing sports after the full recovery.
  • Take some anti-inflammatory.
  • Continue to refrain from taking liquidity-inducing drugs.
  • Take painkillers specified under the doctor’s supervision.
  • Stop smoking and drinking alcohol.

Areas can be treated by the VASER liposuction technique

It is used in all areas with accumulated fat, but there are some common areas where many people perform it:

  • Hips.
  • Chest.
  • Nick and chin.
  • Buttocks and hips.
  • The bottom side of the arms.
  • The belly.
  • Knees and ankles.

Complications of VASER liposuction

There are a lot of people who are afraid to have liposuction with VASER due to the use of powerful tools and techniques that can cause some of the risks and damages that we explain below:

  • Some burn injuries because of a lack of expertise of the doctor using the technique.
  • Risk of bleeding during the operation.
  • Risks of exposure to clots and thrombosis during or after the operation.
  • Risk of exposure to bruises and infections.
  • Risks of exposure to infection after the operation or during the procedure itself.
  • Risk of non-fatty tissue injuries.
  • Redness, inflammation, and the appearance of some scars.

Although all these complications and damage to the process, Dr. Yasser Badi reassures all patients that all these complications are rare and uncommon in choosing the experienced doctor and the right place and following all the instructions of the attending physician before and after the liposuction process.

Advantages of VASER liposuction

As we mentioned the complications of misuse of this technique, there are many advantages to it compared to other techniques, these features are:

  • High technology safety is confirmed by the long experience of the practical application of this technology in many countries.
  • The punctures need to be very small, so they practically hurt and leave no marks after healing.
  • This technology is also universal, effective, and safe for both women and men.
  • It works on both fat removal and skin tightening.
  • The result appears immediately after doing one session, where the session lasts for several hours.
  • The possibility of obtaining an emulsion ready to be used again as part of the fat packing process in the operation.
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