Best plastic surgeon for mommy makeover surgery

Best plastic surgeon for mommy makeover surgery

A mommy makeover is a charming and joyful experience that reshapes the external appearance and enhances self-confidence, by restoring the woman’s natural beauty and highlighting her unique femininity. This procedure is considered a masterpiece performed by Dr. Yasser Badi, the best plastic surgeon in Alexandria, which has become a modern trend that is Increasingly spreading in our contemporary world. So through the following lines, we will explain how pregnant and breastfeeding women can enjoy safe cosmetic procedures tailored to their unique needs.

What is the Mommy makeover process?

This procedure involves a comprehensive group of cosmetic procedures that aim at improving a woman’s appearance after childbirth or during the maternity period. This process aims to restore the woman’s natural beauty and increase her self-confidence through a variety of cosmetic procedures.  These procedures include removing dark spots and scars from the skin, correcting the shape of the nose or lips, raising eyebrows, hair transplantation, beautifying the ears, and improving the appearance of the breasts, abdomen, and buttocks. The best plastic surgeon tailors these procedures according to the woman’s personal needs and desires.

The goal of the Mommy makeover process

This process aims to achieve a comprehensive improvement in a woman’s appearance after childbirth to enhance the motherhood experience with the concept of beauty and self-care, to help women feel confident and refreshed after childbirth, and to enhance their psychological and physical balance.

The best plastic surgeon also confirms that thanks to the technological development in the field of cosmetic operations, these procedures are a popular option for women who want to regain their natural beauty and joy after pregnancy and childbirth.

When does Dr. Yasser Badi recommend performing a Mommy makeover?

This procedure is usually performed after an appropriate period has passed for recovery from childbirth. Therefore, the best plastic surgeon advises to wait between 6 to 12 months after childbirth before starting this operation. The reason behind waiting this period after childbirth is that the woman’s body needs time to recover and return to its normal state after the physical changes that occur during pregnancy and childbirth. In addition, it is important to restore normal bodily functions and regulate the body’s hormones before performing a comprehensive cosmetic procedure.

Moreover, the period after childbirth is full of challenges and new responsibilities for the mother, and it is important to take sufficient time to recover and care for the new baby, so the best plastic surgeon confirms that it may be better to postpone the operation until sufficient support is available and the woman is physically and psychologically ready to undergo it. However, you must consult a plastic surgeon to evaluate your case and determine the ideal time to perform the procedure. Factors such as the women’s general health, assessment of the body, skin, and breasts after childbirth, availability of the necessary support to care for the child, and adequate rest must also be considered.

Types of Mommy makeover

As the best plastic surgeon mentioned before, this process includes a group of cosmetic procedures that vary according to the needs and goals of the woman, the most important of which are:

Breast Lift

Excess skin is removed and the breast is tightened to restore its shape and youthful, firm appearance after pregnancy and breastfeeding.

Breast Augmentation

Silicone implants are used to increase the size and the fullness of breasts or improve the balance of unsymmetric breasts.

Breast Reduction

Excess tissue and fat are removed from the breast to get rid of large, heavy breasts that cause discomfort or disproportionate balance.

Abdominoplasty (Tummy Tuck)

Excess skin is removed and sagging abdominal muscles are tightened to give a taut and flat appearance to the abdomen.


Specific areas of the body are targeted to remove excess fat, improve body balance, and define the figure.

Facial and skin beautification

This may include skin cleansing and Botox injections to treat wrinkles and stretch marks and improve facial appearance after pregnancy.

The best plastic surgeon in Alexandria confirms that this set of procedures may differ depending on the needs of each woman, so it is necessary to consult a plastic surgeon to evaluate your condition, provide professional advice, determine the appropriate procedures for you, and provide the results you desire.

Best plastic surgeon for mommy makeover surgery
Best plastic surgeon for mommy makeover surgery

Before Mommy makeover procedure

Before performing this procedure, several basic steps must be followed before operating, such as:

  • Book a consultation with an experienced plastic surgeon in mummy makeover operations, who will evaluate your condition and discuss your goals, expectations, and appropriate procedures for you.
  • Talk to the doctor about your expectations, goals for the procedure, and the results you dreamed of, and the doctor must understand your total desires and provide you with realistic expectations.
  • After the initial consultation, the doctor will develop a surgical plan tailored to your case. Details of the procedures that will be included in the operation, possible dates, and necessary preparations will also be discussed.
  • Dr. Yasser Badi, the best plastic surgeon, requests additional tests before the operation, such as blood tests, x-rays, and cardiac tests, to ensure the patient’s general health.

After the mommy makeover process

The recovery time after the Mummy Makeover procedure varies from person to person according to some factors, such as:

  • This procedure usually requires about one to three days hospital stay depending on the complexities of the case and the surgeon’s recommendations.
  • The patient may feel some pain and swelling in the breast area after the operation which gradually improves during the first days to a few weeks after the operation.
  •  The patient needs a rest and recovery period after the operation, so the patient is usually recommended to stay away from strenuous physical activities and sports for a period of two to six weeks, depending on the surgeon’s recommendations and the complexities of the case.

Recovering from a mommy makeover

The period of return to work can vary depending on the type of work and the patient’s condition. Some people may need two weeks or more to return to routine work while others may need a longer period. Breast scars may also take time to fade and finally heal, it usually takes several months for the breast to take its final shape. It is important to follow the surgeon’s instructions after the operation, maintain good wound care, and follow the scheduled appointments for follow-up examinations.

You should also speak with your surgeon to obtain accurate information about The expected recovery period for your condition.

Mommy Makeover cost

The best plastic surgeon confirms that the cost of the Mummy Makeover operation varies based on several factors, including the geographical location, the reputation, and experience of the surgeon, the facility where the operation will be performed,  the required procedures, the cost of anesthesia, in addition to the costs of the necessary medical examinations required before the operation.  Post-operative costs should also be considered as you may need anti-inflammatory medications or painkillers after the operation.

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