Liposuction prices in Egypt

Liposuction prices in Egypt

Egypt has recently occupied a significant position in the field of plastic surgery in general, and liposuction operations in particular, and Egypt deserved this position because of several factors, the most important of which is the unparalleled skill and experience of its doctors, in addition to the low Liposuction prices in Egypt compared to many other Arab countries, and we offer you Through this article, more information about prices in Egypt, which will encourage you to decide to undergo the operation to get the body shape you dream of.

What are liposuction procedures?

Before starting to talk about prices in Egypt, we give you a quick overview of the concept of liposuction:

one of the cosmetic operations that aim to get rid of the problem of local obesity and fat accumulation in some areas of the body such as the abdomen, buttocks, thighs, etc., and there is no relationship between liposuction operations and weight loss operations, the main goal of is to improve from the general appearance of the body by getting rid of local obesity, and is one of the simple and safe operations, and it is done most of the time using local anesthesia only.

Types of liposuction techniques

Cosmetic hospitals and clinics in Egypt have the latest medical technologies in the field of liposuction, the most famous of which are:

  • Vaser liposuction technology: the latest device in this field, through which the accumulated fat is removed by dissolving it through the energy of the radio waves emitted by the device, then is done with Vaser outside the body through a dedicated device.
  • Laser for liposuction: The laser is the older version of the Vaser device, as the two devices are similar in many ways, but the main difference lies in the type of energy issued by each device that is responsible for dissolving fat.
  • Cryolipolysis technique: the fat is exposed to a certain cold that leads to the fragmentation and decomposition of the fat cells.

Can everyone undergo liposuction?

there are some exceptions:

  • Adolescents under 18 years old.
  • For people who suffer from a significant increase in weight, the excess weight should not exceed 20 kilos only from the person’s ideal weight.
  • People with immune diseases or chronic diseases.
  • Women during pregnancy and lactation.
  • People who have a previous history of sensitivity to anesthesia.

Are there serious complications of liposuction?

Recently, liposuction operations are performed through highly advanced techniques, such as the Vaser technique, which does not require surgical incisions, as is the case with surgical liposuction, and thus this process does not involve any bleeding, and local anesthesia protects the person from exposure For the complications of complete anesthesia, and for the natural complications that happen to everyone after the operation, they are the redness and swelling of the area, as it happens sometimes that the person feels tingling and numbness in the area of ​​the operation, all of which are natural symptoms that you do not need to worry about.

Liposuction prices in Egypt
Liposuction prices in Egypt

When will I notice the result of liposuction?

Fortunately, the patient can notice the result of the operation immediately after its completion, as for the final result, appears after the recovery period is complete, the corset that the doctor orders to wear is taken off, and the recovery period that appears after the liposuction operation ranges between three to four weeks, because Swelling, redness, and fluid retention inside the body during the period immediately following the operation prevent the patient from noticing the result, and this means that the more time passes, the better the result appears.

Liposuction prices in Egypt

it is very difficult to accurately determine the prices and cost of operations, as we mentioned previously because each case is different from the other and the techniques used are different in each case, but we can mention to you the average prices in Egypt for several areas of the body, For example, the cost of one area of the body, such as the abdomen, buttocks, or thighs by Vaser technique, ranges between 20,000 and 30,000 Egyptian pounds. Of course, the cost increases as the number of areas t increases, and this cost is the lowest for Too many other countries, especially the Arab Gulf countries.

Why are Liposuction prices in Egypt dropping?

Many factors are available in Egypt, which leads to a reduction in the cost, for example:

  • It is known that Egypt is one of the most Arab countries that have skilled doctors in all specialties, especially in the field of cosmetology, and the increase in the number of doctors working in this field reduces the cost.
  • As is the case with doctors, there are many hospitals and clinics specializing in cosmetic surgery in Egypt, which leads to increased competition and thus lower costs.
  • The decline in the exchange rate of the Egyptian pound also plays a major role in lowering prices in Egypt and for this reason many resorts to Egypt to undergo liposuction, as it is less expensive compared to their countries of origin.

Reasons for a discrepancy in Liposuction prices in Egypt

If you recently searched for Liposuction prices in Egypt, you may have noticed a discrepancy in the cost from one place to another, and there are several reasons behind this discrepancy in prices, which can be known by considering the following questions:

  • The number of areas that will be performed, is it one area or will the entire body?
  • Does the case require staying in the hospital for several days, or is it possible to leave the hospital immediately upon completion of the operation?
  • Will the patient be given full anesthesia or local anesthesia?
  • Is the hospital or clinic at a high luxury level or a regular hospital?
  • Does the doctor have a great reputation in the field?

How do I choose the right hospital or clinic?

Many people get very confused because many hospitals and clinics offer a lot of attractive offers on liposuction of all kinds, and unfortunately, misleading advertising often influences the person and forces him to choose a doctor or a place that does not have a good reputation, and therefore he must During the trip to choose the appropriate doctor and clinic, you must take into account some things, such as:

  • The last medical qualification was obtained by the doctor.
  • Ensure that the doctor is affiliated with the Medical Syndicate.
  • It must also ensure the good reputation of the doctor.
  • The clinic or hospital should be at a high level of cleanliness and sterilization.
  • It is also necessary to communicate with some of the old clients of the doctor to see their experiences and measure their satisfaction with the operation and its outcome.

Here we have provided you with a comprehensive view of Liposuction prices in Egypt and how to choose the right place to perform liposuction, and we invite you to Dr. Yasser Badi to contact us immediately to obtain more information or to obtain a consultation, so do not hesitate and initiate contact.

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