The latest liposuction devices

The latest liposuction devices

The field of liposuction, body sculpting, and body shaping is witnessing rapid and great development in recent times, due to a large number of liposuction operations, and the great awareness among people of the importance of obtaining a perfect body free of any problems, and therefore these operations have become so easy and safe that the patient can leave the hospital immediately after the end of the operation, and the return to his life and daily activities normally, and this is due to the highly advanced liposuction devices, which have become providing the best and most accurate results with the fewest complications, and here we give you an overview and a simplified definition of the most important and latest liposuction devices that are used in hospitals and cosmetic clinics and body improvement.

History of liposuction and body improvement

The idea of having a perfect and graceful body is a very old idea. History has known many diets, as well as many drinks and recipes aimed at losing weight.

 As for the first surgery aimed at getting rid of fat, it was performed by a French surgeon in 1929 for one of the fashion models, which unfortunately ended in a tragic outcome, and the field did not witness any development after that until 1974.

And in it, two doctors were able to perform liposuction through surgery, and it also had many complications, most notably the loss of large amounts of blood in addition to scars and unwanted effects, and since the beginning of the nineties, doctors were able to use laser technology to dissolve fat and suction it as a safe and better alternative to surgery.

What do liposuction devices mean?

They are advanced medical devices that emit different types of energy or waves that can break down fat cells and destroy their outer wall, thus turning them into a liquid substance that can be easily withdrawn out of the body. These devices are used to treat stubborn local obesity, which cannot be treated During sports or diets, such as fat that accumulates in the abdomen, buttocks, thighs, arms, and others.

What are the latest liposuction devices?

There is a large group of different devices and technologies for liposuction, and all devices share their dependence on the idea of liquefying fat, but what is different is the type of energy or waves emanating from each device, and we will get to know this in detail by giving an overview of each of the following devices:

laser device

  • The laser is the first device specialized in melting and breaking down fats, and it has been used since the early nineties, by exposing the area affected by local obesity to the heat generated by laser beams.
  • The fat begins to melt gradually, and then the doctor begins to withdraw this fat with specialized devices through small microscopic holes.
  • Laser technology has made a great revolution and progress in the field of liposuction and body contouring, as complications and risks have decreased significantly compared to traditional liposuction surgeries, because laser liposuction operations are performed using local anesthesia only, and large surgical incisions are not made, which reduces the risk of Bleeding or complications.

Vaser device

  • The Vaser device can be considered the latest and most efficient so far in the field of body sculpting and body shaping.
  • Since the beginning of the second millennium, doctors discovered that high-frequency sound waves, which were used for other therapeutic purposes, have a great ability to destroy fat cells.
  • After many tests, the use of the Vaser device was authorized in liposuction operations. The device, which is used in the same way as the laser device, is safer on tissues and internal organs and does not cause any burns.
  • It is also more able to reach the difficult and accurate areas of fat, thus giving more ideal results than the laser device.
The latest liposuction devices
The latest liposuction devices

G – Plasma

  • The G-Plasma device relies on two types of energy to melt fat: radio waves and cold helium plasma energy.
  • When using this device that combines these two technologies, we can get rid of local fat, as well as tighten the skin and restore its vitality and freshness at the same time.
  • The device is used by passing its needle under the superficial layers of the skin in the area to be liposuction, then, after melting the fat, it is suctioned out of the body through special suction devices.

Ultra-slim device

  • The Ultra-Slim device is one of the latest liposuction devices whose idea is based on melting fat and converting it into a liquid substance.
  • The difference with the Ultra Slim technique is that the liquid liposuction is not done through small surgical openings, but rather the body gets rid of it by itself through the body’s lymphatic system.
  • The Ultra Slim fat melting device relies on red light technology, where these rays, when used at a specific frequency, shrink the fat cell and empty it of its content.
  • The only defect in this device is that it requires the patient to undergo more than one session to start noticing the result, and the number of sessions may range from 3 to 12 sessions, according to each case.


  • It is a technique that is used more than once, as it does not give immediate results, as the cooling device is passed over the area that suffers from local obesity more than once.
  • The temperature is reduced to a certain degree, then the fat cells begin to deteriorate and collapse, and the body gets rid of the melted fat cells automatically and naturally through the liver and kidneys.

Mesotherapy injection

  • Mesotherapy injections are the safest and easiest solution for people who do not want to undergo any type of surgery, no matter how simple.
  • The area affected by local obesity is injected with a group of chemicals, the most important of which is a substance that has a great ability to dissolve fat cells, in addition to some narcotic and analgesic substances to relieve pain and calm the feeling of discomfort.
  • In addition to some substances and vitamins that work to promote the production of collagen in the skin, which is the substance responsible for the cohesion of the skin, and its appearance in a young and lively appearance.
  • Mesotherapy injections require more than one session to reach the final result desired by the patient.

How do you choose the right device for liposuction?

In most cases, you will not do this, because only the doctor can do that, because each case is different from the other, for example, some cases are not suitable for laser liposuction, and need surgical intervention due to the presence of severe sagging and large amounts of localized fat.

Another example is that the mesotherapy injection technique is not suitable for people who want immediate results, because the result of mesotherapy injections begins to appear after more than one session, and the person’s health condition is a major factor in determining the technique that should be used, so all you have to do It is to consult a doctor, and discuss with him the results that you want to reach, and he will choose the best and appropriate device for your condition.

Here we have provided you with a simplified overview of the latest liposuction devices, which have become the most popular procedures around the world, and you can contact our medical team if you wish to obtain more information, ask questions, or book an appointment.

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