Best plastic surgeon in buttock augmentation

Best plastic surgeon in buttock augmentation

The buttock augmentation procedure is one of the most common and famous cosmetic procedures in the modern plastic surgery world. The graceful and full butt has become a sign of attractiveness and femininity, which motivates many women to strive to achieve this ideal beauty.

 Choosing the best plastic surgeon to perform this procedure is a crucial step in your journey to achieving beauty and self-confidence, since the surgeon is the person who is responsible for the success of every step of the process, and his skills and experiences will reflect the results you seek.


With the increasing demand for this procedure, as well as the large number of surgeons supported by modern technologies, searching for the best surgeon may be very difficult, so we will explain in the following lines how to choose the best skilled and qualified surgeon.

Who is the best plastic surgeon for buttock augmentation?

Many people struggle while searching for the best surgeon who is highly specialized, qualified, and competent to undergo buttock augmentation, In the following lines, we will introduce some criteria you should search for while searching for the best plastic surgeon, which are the following: 

  • High experience and professionalism in the field of buttock augmentation surgery.
  • Exceptional body sculpting and body shaping skills.
  • Relying on the latest technologies and safe methods for injecting autologous fat into the buttocks.
  • He should deeply understand the distribution of body fat and the appropriate skin layers for injections.
  • He should avoid injecting fat into muscle tissue and blood vessels, to reduce the risk of serious complications.
  • He should work with precision and professionalism to achieve satisfactory results and aesthetic harmony in the shape of the buttocks.

What do you know about buttock augmentation?

 Most people do not know a lot about the Brazilian butt lift procedure. The best plastic surgeon, Dr. Yasser Badi, explains the most important information you should know about this procedure, which is the following:

  • Brazilian butt lift procedure is a surgical procedure that aims to increase the size and shape of the buttocks to achieve a fuller, more harmonized appearance.
  • The procedure involves suctioning fat from other areas of the body, such as the abdomen or thighs, to be injected into the buttocks to improve its size and shape.
  • Modern techniques such as fat preparation using laser or ultrasound are used to increase the effectiveness and results of the injection.
  • The operation usually requires general anesthesia and recovery time ranges from several weeks to several months.
  • The patient may experience some swelling and redness in the treated area after surgery, but it will gradually fade.
  • The plastic surgeon’s instructions should be followed carefully, including wearing compression garments and avoiding direct pressure on the buttocks.
  • You may need several consecutive sessions to achieve the desired results, depending on the desired butt size.
  • There are some potential risks of the procedure including chronic swelling, possible loss of injected fat, infection, fluid accumulation, and scar formation.
  • You should consult a specialist to evaluate your condition and provide appropriate guidance before deciding to undergo a Brazilian butt lift procedure.
Best plastic surgeon in buttock augmentation
Best plastic surgeon in buttock augmentation

What is meant by buttock augmentation?

The buttock augmentation, also known as the Brazilian butt lift,  is one of the cosmetic procedures that many women perform to achieve a full and lifted butt that enhances physical harmony and highlights the svelte figure they desire.

This procedure is performed either surgically via silicone fillings or non-surgically via filler, collagen, or autologous fat injections.

The appropriate technique that helps to achieve the desired size and shape of the buttocks is chosen according to the best plastic surgeon recommendations. Therefore, a skilled specialized plastic surgeon must be consulted to carefully evaluate the condition and provide appropriate guidance based on goals, personal expectations, and health conditions.

Why should you think about the Brazilian butt lift procedure?

Some reasons motivate many women to think about carrying out this procedure, the most important of which are:

  • Enhance self-confidence and improve physical and aesthetic balance by enlarging the shape of the buttocks.
  • Getting rid of sagging skin that appears in the buttocks area as a result of the aging process and restoring a youthful and taut appearance.
  • Improving the size of the buttocks to get rid of the small size and achieve harmony and balance with the rest of the body
  • Improving physical coordination between the sides of the buttocks to obtain a harmonious and attractive shape.
  • Achieving the patient’s personal goals regarding the shape and size of the buttocks and improving self-beauty.
  • To overcome the changes in the shape of the buttocks after childbirth or significant weight loss.
  • The procedure may be beneficial for patients who suffer from congenital defects in the shape of the buttocks or that do not match their aesthetic requirements.

How to choose the best plastic surgeon for a Brazilian butt lift?

To ensure the best results, you have to choose a qualified and skilled plastic surgeon, so here are some criteria that should be taken into consideration when choosing the best plastic surgeon to perform this procedure:

  • Evaluate the plastic surgeon’s reputation through previous patient feedback and reviews.
  • Review the surgeon’s educational background and specialized training, by checking his certifications, professional licenses, and recognized medical affiliations.
  • Ensuring that the surgeon has specialized experience in buttock plastic surgery is preferable rather than a general plastic experience.
  • Review the before and after photos of the cases he has performed to evaluate his results and ensure that he matches your expectations.
  • Ensure that the surgeon uses the latest techniques and is familiar with the latest developments in Buttock augmentation.

Buttock augmentation results

The best plastic surgeon, Dr. Yasser Badi, confirms that the final results of this procedure take around 4-6 months to be completely noticed after the body completely recovers and the swelling and redness completely disappear.

We cannot say that the Brazilian butt lift procedure’s results are permanent, it varies according to the method used. For example, the results of silicone fillings can last for long periods ranging from 10-20 years, while filler injection results last for a period ranging from one and a half to 5 years.

The most important questions you should ask the best plastic surgeon before a Brazilian butt lift procedure

When consulting your surgeon before the Brazilian butt lift procedure, you should ask several important questions to ensure that this doctor is the right surgeon, and the most important of these questions are:

  • What techniques or methods do you use in this procedure? Do you use fat grafting or fillers?
  • What are the possible risks and complications? And how did you deal with it?
  • What are realistic expectations for the results and can I get a clear picture of the expected shape of my butt after the procedure?
  • What is the expected recovery period after the operation and are there special instructions for post-operative care?
  • Are there any medical conflicts that need to be considered before undergoing the Brazilian butt lift procedure?
  • What is the total cost of the operation and does it include consulting fees and post-operative costs?
  • Can I get reviews from previous patients who have had the same procedure with you?
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