What is a Brazilian butt lift

What is a Brazilian butt lift?

Recently many women and girls have become obsessed with the Brazilian butt lift where the Internet and social media play a great role in that as they helped transmit and circulate images and characteristics of the ideal, graceful, attractive body that is filled with features of femininity in Arab and Western countries.

 This resulted in introducing to the public the shape of the Brazilian butt, its most prominent features, how to obtain it, why it was given that name, and what is the role of modern cosmetic medicine in achieving the shape of the Brazilian butt, which has become popular and spread recently in the women community who are keen to enjoy their internal and external beauty even with aging.

What is a Brazilian butt?

The famous plastic surgeon, Dr. Yasser Badi, answered that question, ensuring that the Brazilian butt is the highest level of beauty, symmetry, and femininity of the woman, as the Brazilian butt refers to the full, round, medium-sized buttocks which are raised upwards without protrusion or sagging in an attractive and eye-catching image. Brazilian butt lift is the way for awarding women the highest standards of beauty and achieving the dream which becomes no longer impossible.  Modern cosmetic tricks and techniques for Brazilian butt lift have been developed by the world’s leading plastic surgeons to provide a flexible procedure taking into account the condition of patients in terms of aging.

Why are women flocking to Brazilian butt lift?

Dr. Yasser Badi explains through his previous experience the reasons motivating women to undergo Brazilian butt lift. These reasons are:

  • Fulfilling a woman’s dream, desire, and wish to have an ideal body.
  • Helping women to get rid of sagging skin as a result of aging signs or sudden and rapid weight gain or weight loss.
  • Fulfilling women’s desire to enhance the beauty and harmony of their bodies to be able to wear tight and short clothes.
  • Achieving a curvy body image competes with fashion models, media figures, and those with curvaceous figures.

Brazilian butt lift using silicone implants

Dr. Yasser Badi pointed out the steps of the gel-filling technique or silicone filler for a Brazilian butt lift as the simplest solution for enhancing the proportion of a woman’s body. The implantation process is carried out by following the following steps:

  • Anesthetize the patient with a suitable type after performing the sensitivity test.
  • Sterilizing the buttocks area.
  • A simple surgical incision is made in the skin folds at the bottom of the buttocks to leave an unnoticeable scar.
  • Silicone implants with predetermined sizes and dimensions during the clinical examination are carefully inserted.
  • Fix the implant well and install a brace if desired.
  • The surgical incision is closed with cosmetic stitches that do not leave any harmful effects.

Instructions before Brazilian butt lift surgery

Dr. Yasser Badi, the best plastic surgeon, provides instructions before the Brazilian butt lift procedure for women, which are:

  • Stop some medications especially blood thinning and blood clotting medications to avoid the risk of bleeding.
  • Quit smoking cigarettes, or electronic cigarettes, and drinking alcohol.
  • Sleep enough and relax before the operation.
  • Planning a mate to help after completing this cosmetic procedure and returning home.
  • Talk to your plastic surgeon to limit the size of the silicone implant so as not to be large or notable.
  • Verifying the patient’s safety and the absence of infectious or chronic diseases based on medical reports.
What is a Brazilian butt lift
What is a Brazilian butt lift

Brazilian butt lift surgery complications

Dr. Yasser Badi ensures that Brazilian butt lift surgery is free from any serious risks or complications except for some nonserious side effects that occur naturally, which express the beginning of the body’s response to the silicone implants that were installed in the buttocks area, and these effects are represented in:

  • Slight and somewhat painful swelling in the areas of cosmetic needles which is controlled by taking the treatment prescribed by the plastic surgeon.
  • Bruising may appear which disappears with time.
  • You should refer to your plastic surgeon if you experience any abnormal signs such as severe pain or high body temperature.

Brazilian butt lift procedure using a self-fat injection technique

Dr. Yasser Badi praised the effectiveness of autologous fat injection in achieving the ideal, harmonious body shape while highlighting the charms of femininity, as this injection is used to achieve the Brazilian butt image within a few minutes under the local anesthetic. This procedure is carried out in two stages, the success of the second depends on the success of the first. They are both linked together to obtain the Brazilian butt that a woman dreams of.

Important instructions before the Brazilian butt lift procedure using a self-fat injection

Instructions before the Brazilian butt lift procedure using the autologous fat injection technique differ from the filler technique in the following points:

  • Conduct a clinical examination to verify the presence of areas on the body suitable for performing liposuction.
  • Determine the amount of fat to be suctioned out of the body.
  • Verify that the patient is not allergic to the ultrasound waves used by the VASER device.
  • Performing treatment for the suctioned fat after successful liposuction.
  • Fasting for 8 hours before the operation.
  • Do not drink soft drinks.

Steps of Brazilian butt lift procedure using a self-fat injection

Dr. Yasser Badi explains the steps of the process of Brazilian butt lift for women through self-injection of body fat to avoid sensitivity problems. This is done through:

  • Anesthetize the patient with the appropriate type after conducting a sensitivity test.
  • Make a surgical incision and then direct ultrasound waves from the VASER device to the selected area where the suction is desired.
  • Removing fat into a medical tube and repeating until getting the required amount to achieve the Brazilian butt image.
  • Processing fats extracted from the body.
  • Subcutaneous injections in specific areas to achieve the image of the Brazilian butt.
  • Suturing the surgical incision.

Tips after Brazilian butt lift procedure

Dr. Yasser Badi provides several important tips and instructions to be followed after Brazilian butt lift surgery to obtain the best results. These tips are:

  • Wear a compression medical corset to reduce swelling after the operation.
  • Do not sit for a long time.
  • It is preferable to sleep on your stomach throughout the recovery period until the implants settle in the buttocks or the self-fat is absorbed.
  • Return to work after at least a full week of recovery.
  • Eat fresh vegetables, fruits, and natural juices without sugar, take minerals, vitamins, and protein, and enhance body health with healthy food to enjoy lasting results.
  • Contact the doctor to receive instructions and notes at the various stages of recovery.

When will the patient notice the results of the Brazilian butt lift?

The patient enjoys the noticeable results as soon as she wakes up from the anesthesia and looks in the mirror. The woman notices the dramatic change in the shape of her body and buttocks. These results gradually increase in a short time until permanent results are obtained after only two months of the operation. The woman must follow the instructions of the plastic surgeon to speed up recovery.

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