Enhance Your Curves with Body Contouring

Enhance Your Curves with Body Contouring

Body contouring operations have become the only solution for all those with stubborn fat highly resistant to diet and exercise. The accumulation of either visceral or subcutaneous fats in the body is one of the most serious causes of obesity and decline in the body’s general health, so There is an increasing demand for body contouring procedures, whether by surgical or non-surgical methods, however, the non-surgical one was the strongest motivator that attracts thousands of patients in the past few years.

A summary of body contouring procedures

The famous plastic surgeon Dr. Yasser Badi gave a brief overview of body sculpting or body contouring procedures and explained that it is a cosmetic intervention that represents the natural development of the accumulated fats liposuction process with modern techniques.

This intervention aimed to destroy the fat cells accumulated for years under the layers of the skin then suctioning it, treating it, and injecting it in another place with a specific mechanism that highlights the beauty of the body and shows its features for an attractive feminine look for women and a strong muscular look for males.

 Finally, the patient gets a perfect, consistent, and taut body without sagging in the whole body or specific areas such as thighs, buttocks, chin, neck, abdomen and arms, and love handles.

The ideal candidate for body contouring procedures

Dr. Yasser Badi told us the criteria for choosing the ideal patients to ensure the success of the operation, these criteria are:

  • The patient must be over the age of eighteen years, whether the patient is male or female.
  • It is required that the patient has an ideal body weight and is not obese.
  • The skin must have a high degree of flexibility.
  • The body is required to strengthen the muscle mass.
  • Non-smokers.
  • Healthy without any chronic diseases.

How to choose the best plastic surgeon for performing the body contouring process

Dr. Yasser Badi clarifies the specific criteria for choosing the most qualified plastic surgeon who earns the client’s trust, you should look for the following while choosing the surgeon:

  • The surgeon’s scientific certificates and the authority issuing them, it’s preferred to choose an American Board certified plastic surgeon.
  • The surgeon’s experience and several years of work practice.
  • Academic and practical specialization.
  • Evaluate the feedback of the doctor’s clients on the Internet, specifically on poll sites and popular social networking sites.
  • Compare photos before and after the operation, then evaluate the feedback and determine the final decision.
  • How recent are the techniques that the plastic surgeon relies on in performing body contouring procedures.

Non-surgical body contouring procedures

 Modern cosmetic techniques could get rid of the accumulated body fat either by heating the fat cells,  melting them, and dissolving them, then draining them outside the patient’s body, or by freezing those cells until they disintegrate, then the body begins to get rid of them through the natural functions of the liver without The need for general anesthesia.

 The plastic surgeon Dr. Yasser Badi would  explain the types of non-surgical body contouring procedures as the following:

  • Ultrasound Body Contouring (UltraShape).
  • Body contouring with laser beams using a Vaser device.
  • Laser body contouring technology (SculpSure body sculpting).
  • CoolSculpting technology.
  • TruSculpt Radiofrequency Body Sculpting Device.
Enhance Your Curves with Body Contouring
Enhance Your Curves with Body Contouring

Body contouring procedures cost

The cost of body sculpting varies from one treatment center to another, from one city to another, from one province to another, and from one country to another.

 Several criteria determine the cost of Body contouring procedures, and those criteria are:

  • The area to be sculpted, since there are stubborn areas in the body that require more effort to melt the accumulated fat.
  • The type of technique and device used in body sculpting operations.
  • The level of services and health care, evaluation of the treatment center, and the accredited permission obtained from the Ministry of Health.
  • The type of anesthesia used and the cost of the nurse staff.
  • Therapeutic medications, tests, and examinations before and after the operation.

The average cost of Body contouring procedures

Dr. Yasser Badi clarifies the average price of Body contouring procedures which ranges between 4,500 and 20,000 US dollars in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and between 6,500 and 20,000 US dollars in Riyadh, and about ten thousand Saudi riyals in the city of Jeddah.

Steps of Body contouring using the Vaser technique

Dr. Yasser Badi prefers to perform body sculpting using the Vaser technique due to its extreme accuracy, and the process takes place through the following steps:

  • Disinfection and sterilization of the operation site.
  • Anesthetize the patient using local anesthesia.
  • Shining the laser beams on the place to be sculpted in the body for several minutes.
  • Making a small surgical incision, then installing a medical cannula equipped with a medical vacuum tube to suck out the molten fat.
  • This fat is kept until it is processed and used to adjust body curves by injecting it back into the buttocks or breasts to highlight the body charms of women.
  • The surgical incision is closed.
  • The doctor applies a medical dressing to keep the wound clean, and it is replaced daily throughout the healing period.

Steps of Body contouring operations using laser technology

The steps of the body contouring process through laser beams depend mainly on the frequencies used, and the steps of the process are the following:

  • Anesthetize the patient using local anesthesia.
  • Sterilization of the operation site.
  • A simple 3 mm surgical incision is performed.
  • Choose the appropriate type of laser for the process.
  • Install the laser device at certain frequencies.
  • Shine the device on the area in the body to melt the fat out.
  • Liposuction through a thin medical tube.
  • Using medical thread to close the surgical incision.

My experience with Body contouring

The famous social media blogger, Lumi shared the details of her experience with the process of body contouring, removing unhealthy fats, and defining body curves “curvy” within Dr. Yasser Badi’s clinics. Lumi said in a live clip to her followers before the operation, explaining her fears, extreme confidence, and trust in Dr. Yasser Badi, and after the operation Lumi appeared in another live clip on the evening of the next day of the operation, talking about the success of the operation in achieving immediate, amazing, and accurate results.

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