Mini facelift

Mini facelift

The mini facelift is one of the realistic solutions to treat the signs of a sagging face and its symptoms. Aging on the skin is one of the important problems that these people, especially women suffer from. The skin becomes dry and suffers from these problems look for cosmetic procedures that treat these effects. 

The concept of the mini facelift 

It is one of the plastic surgeries that aim to combat aging, facial wrinkles, and sagging skin and it is also considered a mini version of the traditional facelift. Also, the mini facelift is suitable for light, and medium wrinkles and sagging. It also targets each of the following areas: 

  • The middle of the face 
  • Wrinkles of facial skin jaws 
  • Tighten the flabbiness of the cheeks area.
  • An eyebrow-raising in some cases 

Signs of skin aging

There are several signs that show the aging of the skin and indicate whether the skin needs a mini facelift or not, as the most common of these signs are: 

  • Loosening of the neck skin.
  • Sagging appears on the skin.
  • Fullness and sagging of the cheeks (jowls).
  • Increase accumulated fat, which leads to the appearance of flabby layers of skin.
  • Increased the depth of fine lines that appear between the nose and the corner of the mouth. 

Are a mini facelift different from a full facelift?

The mini facelift differs from the traditional facelift, As the first type is a type of plastic surgery that works on a partial facelift for both the skin of the face and the neck, in addition, The main difference is that: the traditional facelift surgery has significantly smaller surgical incisions where it is performed, tighten certain areas of the face, correct the oval shape, lifts sagging eyelids, and changes some nasolabial folds.

Such operations are performed on those patients over the age of 30, who don’t suffer from facial sagging completely but at the same time have sagging in both the neck and lower face areas. So Dr. Yasser Badi performs this operation in order to recommend it for those who want to control their sagging skin before aging.

What are the types of a facelift? 

  • Thread facelift.
  • Traditional facelift operation
  • Forehead lift operation
  • . Mid_facelift operation
  • lower facelift operation
Mini facelift
Mini facelift

Pre-mini facelift tips 

It is important to talk with Dr. Yasser Badi about the realistic expectations of the mini facelift, during the consultation appointment, where the doctor will make sure the suitability of the operation for the patient, As follows: 

  • put certain products on the face before the surgery date to help with the surgery
  • Detect any medication or dietary supplement that the patient is taking.
  • Make some changes to the diet 
  • Dr. Yasser Badi may advise adjusting the doses of some medications or stopping taking them, especially aspirin and ibuprofen.

How is a mini facelift done? 

 It’s performed in specific steps explained by Dr. Yasser Badi as follows;

The operation started with total anesthesia or classic anesthesia of the patient. Dr. Yasser Badi makes small incisions around the part and hairline. Through these incisions, the skin tissue is controlled, lifted, and pulled up after that. The doctor removes excess skin during surgery. In the end doctor sutures all incisions. 

Mini facelift results 

Dr. Yasser Badi Confirm that the results of the mini facelift retain their actual results for more than ten years. If you follow the advice provided by the surgeon after the operation within a short time.

Self-care After a mini facelift 

Dr. Yasser Badi warns about the need to take care of the patient at home after this operation. During the first three weeks of recovery and in order to reduce the risk of complications

Avoid using toiletry items

  • Keep out from coloring, bleaching, or corrugations of hair for the last six weeks.
  • Follows the wound to direct sunlight for the week.
  • Don’t mess with the crusts that form on the wound.
  • Follow the instructions regarding when you can use shampoo. 
  • Use SPF 30- class Sunscreen paint or a higher class later.
  • Wear clothes that are close in front, not that are pulled over the head.
  • Avoid vigorous activity sports or aerobic games.
  • Avoid excessive pressure or movement at or around wounds. 

What are non-surgical facelift treatments? 

There are several non-surgical alternatives to mini facelift, as Dr. Yasser Badi explains there alternatives as follows: 

  • Laser treatment: This works to rejuvenate the skin cells with extreme precision and gets rid of wrinkles, Scars, and colored spots.
  • Phototherapy by means of light waves and then targeting light wrinkles and redness.
  • Filling wrinkles with filler is used in the areas of lines and wrinkles in order to fill and resize them lifting the cheeks, Jaw, and forehead areas.

Advantages of a surgically mini facelift

Despite the ease of the mini facelift, there is no need to worry about some side effects that may appear immediately after the completion of the mini facelift, as they quickly disappear and the advantages of the operation remain, which are as follows:

  • Long-term effect where the effect is more pronounced after the operation for women between 45-55 years.
  • The incision is small and hidden as it is located in the scalp, the length of each incision is about 0.5 – 1.5 cm, so there is no need to worry about surgical scars that affect the beauty of the face.
  • Wrinkle removal is performed with a small incision in the sagging skin roll to return it to its normal position before sagging. 
  • The operation time is short, between 2-3 hours.
  • It doesn’t require extensive movement of the facial muscles.
  • Postoperative swelling is mild. 
  • There is no pronounced congestion under the skin. 
  • Swelling basically decreases within a week  
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