Advantages of saggy belly fat after birth

Advantages of saggy belly fat after birth

Pregnancy is such a hard long journey. It’s a dream for any woman to be a mother, but postpartum saggy belly fat, Sagging skin, and body asymmetry could be a serious problem.

Reasons for postpartum saggy belly fat

After pregnancy, women start to find the best solution to get rid of postpartum saggy belly fat.

But before searching for the best treatment you need to know the reasons for postpartum saggy belly fat :

  • Increase the size of the waist circumference and stretch the abdominal muscles as a result of fetal pressure on them.
  • The skin on the tummy expands during pregnancy and back again to its shape but with cellulite.
  • Hormonal disorder during this period causes physiological changes.
  • Unhealthy food with high calories during pregnancy.
  • Skin growth because of the growth of the baby’s size.

When can you get rid of postpartum saggy belly fat?

According to Dr. Yasser if a woman isn’t satisfied with her body, however doing sports and making a healthy diet, 

She can start the treatment of postpartum saggy belly fat after 6 months of labor, but it’s affordable to wait one whole year after pregnancy

Until the body back to its original shape and get full recover. In specific cases, especially C-Section, Dr. Yasser start the treatment immediately.

How does tightening postpartum saggy belly fat work?

There’re many steps for saggy belly fat treatment and Dr. Yasser define them in the next steps:

  • The surgeon gives the patient a general anesthetic and then begins to make an incision over the pubic area to the outside.
  • The navel is cut to sew it back into the tight soft tissue layer and placed in the later closed abdominal area.
  • The surgeon then separates the abdominal skin from the subcutaneous fatty tissue from the muscles below and tightens the area to the pubic hairline.
  • The surgeon tightens the abdominal muscles’ skin, removes the skin and excess fat, and repairs the navel again.
  • In case of excess skin in the upper abdomen, an incision of the lower breast is also made, then the doctor tightens the straight abdominal muscles.
  • During the treatment of abdominal saggy belly fat after childbirth, the doctor places a drain until both blood and tissue fluids are leaked into them.
  • After completing the operation, the doctor removes the drains and then puts the surgical threads with the plasters, and finally puts a bandage on the wound.

In some cases determined by the doctor, it is important to stay in the hospital for a few days to ensure follow-up care


Dr. Yasser Badi’s advice after recovering from sagging belly fat

There are some tips offered by Dr. Yasser Badi for women who have undergone abdominal tightening and treatment of abdominal saggy belly fat after childbirth, the most important of which are:

  • After removing stitches you can shower as usual, as the final result appears after about 3 months.
  • Compression tightness and a tummy strap must be worn after birth in the first four weeks after treatment of abdominal saggy belly fat after delivery, to reduce the risk of re-bleeding and get an equal tightening result.
  • You should sleep with your upper body slightly higher and bend your legs.
  • Sport, sauna, and all heavy physical stress should be avoided until the scar completely fades.
  • It is important to be careful not to be completely straight to avoid pressing surgical threads.
  • You must protect your belly from Ultraviolet rays.
  • Avoid smoking as nicotine causes a lot of complications such as wound healing disorders.
Advantages of saggy belly fat after birth
Advantages of saggy belly fat after birth

Treatment of postpartum saggy belly fat using laser technology

The majority of people don’t identify the difference between treatment postpartum saggy belly fat with sagginess or through using laser technique, because the two techniques aim for the same result.

Dr. Yasser Badi confirmed that laser technology is used to treat abdominal saggy belly fat after C-Section as a supplementary procedure with limited effect. Moreover, it must be noted that this technique does not achieve a full severity of the abdominal area and its surroundings as it is intended to reduce the degree of skin sagging after birth.

Treatment of saggy belly fat after C- Section

In many cases, we can start the treatment right away after the C-Section as a supplementary procedure for the main operation.

In many countries, treating abdominal saggy belly fat after a cesarean section “Mini Tummy Tuck” is a stage of the C-Section itself. The surgeon, after he has taken out the fetus, sews the opening of the womb and some layers of the abdominal wall, and then comes the role of a cosmetic physician and specialist in treating abdominal saggy belly fat after the c- section, It expands the C-section and then brings the abdominal muscle strips closer together to restore the position before pregnancy.

Advantages of treatment of postpartum sagging belly fat

There are many advantages of treating abdominal saggy belly fat immediately after birth, especially cesarean section, the most important of which are:

  • Get back the original look of a flat stomach and get rid of extra fats. It makes a huge success.
  • No need to have two separate surgery.
  • The patient can recover from the two operations at the same time.

 To be on the side of caution, many doctors do not recommend having the procedure before a patient is done having children.

Complications of saggy belly fat after pregnancy

Dr. Yasser Badi warns of the risks of tummy tightening after a C-sectio n. The risk of cesarean section is higher than normal delivery. Having two surgeries in the uterus increases the following risks:

  • Infection as a result of the expansion of the cesarean section wound.
  • Having blood clots.
  • A fluid of the abdomen and accumulation of fluids inside.
  • Poor healing of cesarean section wound.
  • The size of a woman’s abdominal uterus affects the desired results of saggy belly fat.
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