Body contouring your way to a curvy body

Body contouring: your way to a curvy body

Body contouring procedures are the only effective shortcut to reaching the curvy body you dreamed of, recently women have become obsessed to have a curvy body instead of The slender French oud.

This fashionable curvy body is characterized by the distribution of fat in certain proportions in the waist and buttocks; this curvy shape could be obtained either by exercising or by body contouring procedures which are the fastest, most accurate, and most effective, especially for those who suffer from a low fat burning rate.

What is the Curvy Body?

The curvy body which is also known as the Classic Hourglass body is one of the six shapes of the human body, according to what Dr. Yasser Badi explained.

 It is a cosmetic intervention where the attractive curves of the body are highlighted by making the distribution of fat in the chest, waist, and thigh area more consistent and sculpting the waist with specific measurements. So that the chest measurement is greater than the waist measurement by 1.5%, and the waist measurement is ideal according to the length to obtain an ideal and attractive figure that looks like the shape of the curve.

Advantages of Body contouring to get a curvy body

Body contouring achieves specific measurements for the chest, waist, buttocks, and thighs to obtain a curved shape for your body that matches the ideal specifications, Body sculpting provides you the following results, according to what Dr. Yasser Badi determined:

  • Get a slimmer waist size.
  • It gives the measurement of the buttocks area with the chest area symmetry and consistency and consistently enhances their fullness.
  • The body fat percentage becomes slightly more than the ideal body fat percentage.
  • The fat distribution in the chest area becomes greater than the distribution of fat in the buttocks area to obtain the upper curvy texture.

4D Body contouring steps to get the curvy body 

Aesthetic medicine has fulfilled the dreams of women and men who want to reach a curvy-shaped body with minimal effort and without pain.  Four-dimensional Body sculpting is a non-surgical cosmetic procedure that takes into account length, width, depth, and movement, and it passes through the following steps:

  • The area where liposuction would be performed is determined.
  • Anesthetize the patient using local anesthetic and saline solution to separate fatty tissue from nerves and capillaries.
  • Fats are removed from the specific area using the Vaser technique and are placed in a transparent medical cannula.
  • Fats are treated and then injected again in the chest and buttocks area to achieve symmetry and consistency in the body measurements.
  • Attractively highlight the muscles of the body.
  • Liposuction is performed in the waist to reduce its size.

Steps to obtain the Curvy Body using the j-plasma technology

Dr. Yasser Badi explained the steps of Body sculpting using the Plasma G device to obtain the curvy shape that most women and girls dream of, and this is achieved through:

  • Anesthetize the patient using local anesthesia.
  • Radio waves and helium gas emanating from the G-Plasma device are directed at the waist to remove fat after shrinking it with thermal energy.
  • Fat is eliminated.
  • The patient gets the shape of a sculpted waist, and its size becomes smaller than the buttocks and chest area, and thus the patient is given the shape of a curvy body.
  • The device helps to remove body sagging, but it is not suitable for heart, and liver disease patients.
Body contouring your way to a curvy body
Body contouring your way to a curvy body

Vaser Hi-Def technique steps to obtain the curvy consistency 

Dr. Yasser Badi recommends the Vaser Hi-Def technique in Body sculpting to obtain a curvy-shaped body since this technique is characterized by a high rate of accuracy and safety, and this technique passes through the following steps:

  • Local anesthesia is used to anesthetize the patient.
  • The waist area is sterilized to be ready for liposuction.
  • Direct ultrasound is focused on the waist area leading to the separation of fat from the muscles, the fatty bonds are broken so fats are broken down into smaller parts according to the curvy body measurements.
  • Getting rid of the destroyed fat outside the body.
  • Close the surgical incision.

Steps of the transformation from an apple-shaped to a curvy-shaped body

Dr. Yasser Badi explained the mechanism through which the apple-shaped body is sculpted to reach the shape of the curvier figure, under local anesthesia you would get rid of the fullness of the face and neck, the wide chest, the buttocks, slender legs, abdomen, waist, and back to slimming those parts and using the self-fat removed from these parts and injecting it to highlight the chest, buttocks, and shoulders. The weight of a woman with a curvy body would range between 50 and 90 kilograms.

Steps before the Body contouring Process

Dr. Yasser Badi enumerates several important instructions that must be followed before going into the process of Body contouring to reach the curvy image, which is:

  • During the consultation with the attending physician, he would discuss with the patient the nature of his body to determine the final shape would be reached.
  • Conducting medical examinations that ensure the patient with a good health condition.
  • Taking the history of the medical medications taken by the patient.
  • Quit smoking several months before the operation to achieve immediate positive results.
  • Check the muscular strength of the patient.
  • Check the elasticity of the skin.

Body contouring results

Dr. Yasser Badi confirms that the patient gets immediately noticeable results after the Body contouring operation, and the patient returns home on the same day of the operation. It takes between a week and ten days for full recovery, in which the patient must follow the instructions of the plastic surgeon strictly to reach the highest level of desired results.

Lifestyle after the process Body contouring

Dr. Yasser Badi indicated the need to follow an ideal lifestyle after any plastic surgery to maintain ideal results as possible for as long as possible, through:

  • Eat healthy.
  • Eat fresh fruits, vegetables, minerals, protein, carbohydrates, and vitamin C.
  • Take the painkillers prescribed by the doctor.
  • Drinking water, natural juices, and liquids compensates the body for fluids, and thus the body maintains moisture and blood circulation activity.
  • Exercise daily, but stay away from violent activities.
  • Body contouring requires rest after the operation and no extra activity.
  • Sleep enough and wake up early.
  • Do not sit for long hours and move around.
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