What to expect after breast reduction surgery

What to expect after breast reduction surgery

Breast reduction surgery is one of the cosmetic surgeries that plays a decisive role for women searching for beauty and self-confidence. This innovative surgical procedure is considered an effective solution to the problem of large and sagging breasts that can negatively affect a woman’s life and self-confidence.

After the breast reduction surgery, the post-operative phase begins, which requires careful care and follow-up. Understanding this sensitive phase and learning about the appropriate steps for post-operative breast care is crucial to achieving ideal results and quick recovery.

Therefore, in this article, the best plastic surgeon in Alexandria, Dr. Yasser Badi explains what happens after breast reduction surgery, and highlights the tips and instructions that must be followed to maintain breast health and ensure proper healing.

Breast reduction surgery

Breast reduction is usually achieved by removing excess fat from the breast to reduce its size whether for aesthetic or health reasons. This operation is performed under general anesthesia via two common methods.

  • The first method is open surgery, where the breast skin is cut, excess fat is removed and the tissue is reshaped.
  • The second method is liposuction, where suction is used to remove excess fat without the need for open surgery.

It is worth noting that the Breast reduction surgery takes about 2 to 3 hours, and includes redirecting the nipple to its new position, removing excess fat and skin, and reshaping the breast tissue. This surgery does not have a specific age limit, but women must take into consideration whether the breasts have fully grown or not and whether they want to breastfeed in the future.

Breast reduction surgery methods

There are several methods used to perform breast reduction surgery, each method has its advantages, disadvantages, and reasons for choosing it. Below, Dr. Yasser Badi, the best plastic surgeon simplifies these methods:

Breast reduction with an incision around the nipple and a vertical incision

This is considered the most common method among breast reduction methods, as it aims to reduce the size of the breast and also lift it.

Breast reduction with an incision around the nipple, a vertical incision, and a horizontal incision under the breast

This method allows a large amount of skin to be removed, reducing the size of the breast and lifting it to achieve a natural, symmetrical shape.

Breast reduction with nipple movement

In this method, the nipple is completely separated and implanted in another location connecting it to the skin. This method carries great risks, but it is the only solution in some cases when the breast is very sagging and the nipple is very far from its natural location.

Breast reduction with liposuction

This method is useful for some patients only to reduce breast size, but it does not help in raising it.

A qualified plastic surgeon must be consulted to evaluate your condition, choose the most appropriate method for you, and explain the details and possible expectations of breast reduction surgery.

Advantages of breast reduction surgery

There are many advantages that patients get after undergoing breast reduction surgery, Dr. Yasser Badi, the expert and plastic surgeon explains these advantages as follows:

  • Breast reduction is the most effective solution to get rid of large breasts, which can cause psychological problems and a lack of self-confidence.
  • Breast reduction surgery provides a natural look to the problem of large and saggy breasts.
  • The operation is performed with a small incision around the nipple so that it is not visible, and a longitudinal incision from the nipple to the bottom of the breast, which fades over time.
  • This procedure is considered safe and takes little time in the operating room, and the patient can leave the hospital the next day.

Preparing for breast reduction procedure

Dr. Yasser Badi, the best plastic surgeon, explains how to prepare for breast reduction procedure as follows:

  • Review the medical history and evaluate the general health condition.
  • Discuss the target size and shape of the breasts after surgery.
  • Explain the nature of the surgery and the potential risks and benefits, including scarring and potential loss of sensation in the breasts.
  • Examine and measure the breasts to assess optimal size and shape.
  • Take photographs of the breasts for the patient’s records.

In addition, planning a breast reduction procedure may require some additional steps, such as:

  • A mammogram is performed to evaluate the health condition of the breast.
  • Stop smoking at least six weeks before and after surgery, as smoking can affect the wound healing process.
  • Avoid taking aspirin, NSAIDs, and herbal supplements before surgery, to reduce the risk of bleeding during surgery.
What to expect after breast reduction surgery
What to expect after breast reduction surgery

After the breast reduction procedure

The period after the breast reduction procedure the patient may feel slight soreness that can be alleviated using painkillers. In addition, there may be some discomfort in moving the arms for a certain period, and bandages similar to a bra are applied, and some surgeons allow the use of bras directly after the operation.

Dr. Yasser Badi, the best plastic surgeon in Alexandria, explains that in most cases, suction tubes are not used, and if they are used, they are usually removed within 24-72 hours. Additional bandages are also placed on the nipples which are completely removed within seven days. Self-stitched wounds heal within 10-12 days and there is no need to remove the sutures.

In addition, the patient stays in the hospital after breast reduction surgery for one day, as some swelling may occur in the early stage, and redness or bruising may be observed on the skin, but these symptoms gradually disappear with time.

Recovery from breast reduction procedure

Recovery time after breast reduction procedure varies depending on the type of surgery and the patient’s general condition, but it usually takes from 2 to 4 weeks, so if you work and plan to have this procedure, you will have to take at least 15 days off from work.

It is worth noting that Dr. Yasser Badi advises avoiding strenuous activities for two months after the breast reduction procedure, as well as performing routine follow-ups for six months. It is also common for the patient to feel some minor pain at this stage and it can be controlled using painkillers prescribed by the treating physician.

Follow-up after breast reduction surgery

Dr. Yasser Badi, the best plastic surgeon in Alexandria, explains that the first follow-up is performed 3 days after the operation, to examine the wound and discuss the activities permitted after breast reduction surgery. The second follow-up is also performed 10-14 days after the operation. In addition, the patient might need to undergo a breast MRI regularly to ensure that the breast is healthy and that there are no problems.

What is the importance of care after breast reduction surgery?

After breast reduction surgery, breast care is a crucial stage in the healing process and obtaining ideal results, as it plays a crucial role in enhancing the healing process after the operation and provides protection and support for the reduced breasts. In addition, it helps alleviate the uncomfortable symptoms after the operation and enhances comfort and confidence after the surgical experience.

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