Waist sculpting process

Waist sculpting process

Waist sculpting procedure has recently gained high popularity and interest between both men and women as the shortest way to obtain a sculpted look safely and effectively relying on modern technologies and non-surgical alternatives which achieves the expected agility dream within a few minutes and without risks.

What is the waist sculpting procedure?

Dr. Yasser Badi defined the waist sculpting process as a non-surgical cosmetic intervention aimed to get rid of unwanted fat layers accumulated in the waist revealing a proportioned sculpted shape. 

Adjusting the texture and consistency of the external shape of the waist circumference has a high impact on the degree of beauty and ideality of the body. Sculpting your waist helps you to feel more feminine and attractive when wearing your clothes.

Advantages of waist sculpting 

The plastic surgeon Dr. Yasser Badi would illustrate  the advantages of sculpting your waist and reasons why this procedure has gained great popularity among both men and women of different ages, sculpting the waist have the following advantages;

  • This procedure helps you to enjoy a sculpted formation without protrusion or annoying sagging in the waist area.
  • Sculpting the waist is an ideal option for people who suffer from obesity and losing weight alone may not be enough to enjoy powerful results.
  • Sculpting this area is one of the cosmetic procedures that could enhance the health and elasticity of the skin.
  • The fast recovery period following the intervention.
  • The procedure is non-invasive so does not require general anesthesia and is performed within minutes.
  • Results obtained are immediate and permanent whenever there is a system followed after the procedure to maintain stable body weight.

Techniques used in the waist sculpting process

Dr. Yasser Badi indicated that there are multiple methods and techniques through which the sculpting of the waist is performed, the suitable technique is chosen according to the degree of sagging and the patient’s health condition. 

 We would explain the most popular and most commonly performed methods nowadays;

  • Sculpting of the waist using surgical intervention under total anesthesia.
  • Sculpting of the waist using laser technology as an alternative to surgery.
  • Waist sculpting using Vaser technology as a non-surgical cosmetic intervention.
  • Waist sculpting using cooling technique and local anesthesia.
  • Waist sculpting using ultrasound.

How do you prepare for the waist sculpting process?

Dr. Yasser Badi would explain how to prepare for this procedure and would provide some tips to be followed before the procedure to ensure the best outcomes, such as;

  • Perform a careful physical examination of the waist and abdomen.
  • Taking some photographs before and after the operation to evaluate the results.
  • Talk to the plastic surgeon and ask all the questions in your mind to find a clear and accurate answer.
  • The type of anesthesia used in the operation should be determined after the patient’s sensitivity test.
  • A comprehensive analysis of the body is carried out to ensure the safety of the patient before the operation.
  • Stop taking certain medications such as aspirin, nutritional supplements, and herbal medicines.
  • Careful anatomy of the body should be performed to determine the most accurate places to make surgical incisions.
Waist sculpting process
Waist sculpting process

Waist sculpting by Vaser technique 

The plastic surgeon, Dr. Yasser Badi, explains the steps of sculpting the waist using laser technology as the following; 

  • The surgical incision area at the waist and the sides of the abdomen is carefully cleaned.
  • Precise and short surgical incisions are performed.
  • The laser device is turned on and the high-frequency rays are focused to melt the accumulated stubborn fat layers.
  • A medical cannula is inserted to succ the molten fat from the waist outside the body.
  • The skin is stretched, and excess skin is removed to enhance the final results of the procedure.
  • The wound is finally closed with a medical thread that dissolves on its own and a bandage is placed on the wound.

The first few days after the waist sculpting operation 

Dr. Yasser Badi provides the instructions to be followed during the first days of recovery after the sculpting of the waist, and these instructions are:

  • Start to quietly move periodically to avoid capillary clotting.
  • Pay attention to wound hygiene and change the medical bandage.
  • Take medicines and antibiotics on time without delay.
  • Plan to have facilities throughout the recovery period.
  • Constant communication with a plastic surgeon.
  • Drink water, fluids, and fresh juices to stimulate blood circulation and replace the fluids lost by the body.
  • Avoid direct sunlight.
  • Stay at home throughout the recovery period, and do not exert much effort.
  • Avoid taking a hot shower or getting the wound wet.

When will the patient notice the final results after waist liposuction? 

Dr. Yasser Badi confirmed that the results of the successful waist sculpting procedure are noticed from the first session, and there is no need to repeat the operation except in the case of neglecting post-operative tips, and thus weight gain and sagging occur again. 

This procedure resulted in a sculpted waist that appear immediately once the operation is completed, as the patient would notice a radical change in the shape of the waist, and the results of the operation continue to appear gradually until a month and a half pass, in which the body tissues and skin layers are prepared for the new shape of the body and until the redness and bruises, if any, disappear.

My experience with sculpting my waist

One of the girls evaluated her experience with the procedure of sculpting the waist using the cooling technique and expressed her satisfaction with the procedure. She described the procedure as a summary of all the solutions offered and the immediate and quick solution by which all the protrusions and sagging that bother many women, girls, and men in the region are eliminated immediately and with guaranteed results. 

And she praised the incredible development that cosmetic techniques are moving towards in the Arab world in the meantime, as there is no longer any obstacle or barrier that prevents her from enjoying the beauty, ideality, and harmony of the body, and she did not feel any pain or inconvenience and went through the whole process In about half an hour.

The expected side effects after the completion of the waist sculpting process 

There are several side effects that Dr. Yasser Badi simply clarified to the patients who are planning to undergo this procedure, to remove any fear or anxiety that patients might suffer. Sculpting your waist might be associated with the following side effects;

  • Numbness sensation, tingles, and slight pain in the abdominal area.
  • Temporal skin darkness will gradually fade during the recovery period.
  • Possible accumulation of fluid under the skin, so a compression garment must be worn.
  • Redness in the skin color as a result of the laser beams.
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