breast lift Features and prices

Breast lift | Features and prices

A breast lift is considered the perfect solution to get rid of drooping breasts. Many women suffer from sagging breasts due to genetic factors, hormonal changes,  aging, and many other factors.  Breast lift results in a more youthful, attractive, and proportional shape.

Between the lines of this article, we would disclose to you everything related to this procedure and its benefits, as well as how to prepare for it and the cost of the operation.

What is a breast lift?

Breast lift is a plastic surgery that aims to lift and re-tighten the breasts to improve their appearance, roundness, and contour and make them more youthful and attractive.

Breast lift is achieved by removing excess skin, lifting and reshaping the breasts for an ideal and consistent shape, this procedure is the perfect solution for women who suffer from sagging breasts due to aging Pregnancy and lactation, or rapid weight loss.

For maximum benefits, the operation should be performed by a qualified plastic surgeon who specializes in this field.

Breasts tightening techniques

 There are several different techniques through which the breasts can be tightened, Dr. Yasser Badi would help you to choose the best technique that fits you according to your current breast shape and size, the target you dream to achieve, and your general health condition.

 The most common techniques for tightening and beautifying the breasts are:

Surgical breast lift

 This is the most common method and involves surgical removal of excess skin and lifting and reshaping the breasts.

Laser breast lift

It is a non-surgical method that depends on laser energy to tighten the skin by stimulating collagen production.

An injection breast lift 

 This method uses injectable materials containing collagen and fat to tighten the skin and improve the appearance of the breast.

Tightening and lifting the breasts with exercise

 It is a non-surgical method that uses chest and arm exercises to strengthen and lift the chest muscles.

Breast lift vs breast implants

Both breast lifts and breast implants are plastic surgical procedures that are used to improve the appearance of the breasts, but they differ in technique and purpose. Breast lift is usually performed by removing excess skin,  lifting, and reshaping the breasts to achieve a perfect and symmetrical shape.

While it is different with breast implants, as it is a surgery used to implant silicone or fatty tissue through a small incision in the breast and placing it under the skin to increase the breasts’ size and improve its appearance.

In both procedures, the patient must consult a qualified plastic surgeon to select the appropriate process for her condition and needs.

Advantages of breast lift

 Dr. Yasser Badi would explain why you should think about performing a breast lift and the most important advantages of this procedure.

The most important benefits you gain from this procedure are the following;

  • Breast reshaping, lifting, and removing excess skin, which improves its appearance and makes it look more youthful and attractive.
  • Improving the appearance of the breasts enhances self-confidence.
  • Breast lift surgery helps relieve pain in the back and neck caused by large and heavy breasts.
  • Results obtained from breast lift surgery are permanent results while maintaining a healthy diet and exercise.
  • Improving the patient’s mental health and relieving the psychological stress she suffers from due to the appearance of her breasts.
breast lift Features and prices
breast lift Features and prices

How to choose the best plastic surgeon for a breast lift?

 Choosing the right plastic surgeon for a breast lift is very important to ensure safety and efficacy.  Dr. Yasir Badi provides the following  tips that would help you to choose the right surgeon:

Experience and competence

You must be ensured that the surgeon has the essential experience and competence in performing breast lift surgeries. It is also possible to view the surgeon’s medical record and verify the number of successfully performed operations.

 Accreditation license

You must ensure that the surgeon is licensed and accredited by the competent health authorities in your country.

The first Consultation

 Your first consultation should be booked with the surgeon to discuss the available options and choose the appropriate method for your condition.

Confidence and comfort

 You should feel confident and comfortable with the chosen surgeon, and the surgeon should be able to listen to your concerns and answer all your questions.

Previous patients’ feedback

Previous patients’ recommendations and reviews can be viewed online to check the surgeon’s reputation and quality of work.


 You must obtain details of prices and costs related to the operation and ensure that it fits your available budget

How to prepare for a breast lift procedure?

Preparing for a breast lift operation requires following some important tips to achieve the best results and reduce potential risks.

 Here are some points  that must be followed to prepare for a breast lift operation;

Book a medical consultation 

Book a medical consultation with a specialized plastic surgeon to determine whether a breast lift is an appropriate method for your condition and to know the operation steps.

Psychological preparation 

Which includes ensuring that you understand the risks and expectations related to the operation.

Medical examinations

Conducting the necessary medical examinations to determine your general health and to identify any health problems that might affect the operation.

Stop smoking

Stop smoking at least two weeks before the operation to reduce potential risks.

Your current medications

Tell your surgeon about any medications or nutritional supplements you’re taking to assess if they affect the procedure.

And finally 

Stop eating and drinking for 8 hours before the operation.

Prepare the necessary comfortable clothes and pillows.

Is breast lift the perfect solution?

The main goal of breast lift surgery is to lift and tighten the breast, in addition to removing excess skin and reshaping the breasts to obtain a more youthful and attractive appearance. However, breast lift surgery is not the ideal solution for everyone. You should discuss with your surgeons your targets to help you to choose the appropriate method for your condition.

Moreover, Dr. Yasser Badi ensures that breast lift surgery is the perfect solution for those who suffer from sagging breasts, excess skin, and muscle sagging, but it is not suitable for people who suffer from enlarged breasts or people who want to increase the size of their breasts.

Breast lift surgery cost

The cost of a breast lift operation varies according to many factors such as;

  • The clinic’s location. 
  • The surgeon’s experience. 
  •  The technique used in the operation.
  •  The materials used in the operation.   
  • Anesthesia costs.
  • The recovery period.

  The actual cost of the operation cannot be determined before the initial consultation, in which the doctor determines each of the previous factors.

 It should also be noted that a breast lift is a cosmetic operation, so health insurance does not cover the costs of this operation.

What are the possible complications associated with a breast lift?

Breast lift is a surgical procedure that carries some potential risks and side effects like any other surgery, but these risks increase in case an inappropriate doctor is chosen to perform such an operation or in case the necessary medical examinations and analyses are not performed for the patient before the operation, and among these risks are:

  • Wound inflammation and infection.
  • Bleeding and bruising.
  • Changes in the breasts and/ or nipple sensation.
  • Scar formation and changes in the shape of the breasts.
  • Changes in the shape of the nipples.
  • Fluid collection under the skin.
  • Collection of blood under the skin.
  • Changes in the shape of the breasts after a period of time.
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