Laser Treatment For Skin Regeneration

Laser Treatment For Skin Regeneration

The cosmetic field has harnessed all possibilities to fulfill women’s desires to enjoy youthful, and attractive looks for a lifetime. Skin regeneration is a great concern to those looking for a younger appearance, laser technology represents a magic solution in the world of skin regeneration world.  The laser could get rid of old blemished skin, skin defects, pigmentation, impurities, scars, wrinkles, and lines and get pure, clear, and glowing skin.

What is meant by laser facial skin regeneration?

Dr. Yasser Badi illustrates the concept of the process of facial skin regeneration or in other words, peeling the layers of the skin with laser as a simple, non-surgical cosmetic intervention.

It is one of the most popular uses of lasers in cosmetic medicine. Laser skin regeneration aims to treat all skin and facial problems that women suffer from, by carefully and skillfully removing thin layers of skin until the skin is stimulated to form new cells without defects, giving the patient clear, more youthful skin.

This technique is characterized by being noninvasive with no risks or side effects that invasive operations might carry.

What are the aims of the laser facial skin regeneration process?

Dr. Yasser Badi explained the aims of facial skin regeneration in repairing the following facial defects:

  • Treatment of fine wrinkles in the face and the neck.
  • Treatment of pigmentation, impurities, and pale skin.
  • Getting rid of acne scars.
  • Restore skin elasticity and facial freshness.
  • Treating the effects of burns and the negative effect of sunlight on the skin.
  • Rejuvenating the skin and getting rid of dead skin layers.
  • Treating the problem of wide pores.

Facial skin regeneration by surface laser

Dr. Yasser Badi emphasized the effectiveness of surface laser technology in the regeneration of facial and clearing of the face skin,  laser beams adjusted to certain temperatures ejected from certain devices penetrate the facial skin to stimulate collagen production, unite the skin color, purify and smooth the skin.

 Dr. Yasser Badi also pointed to the advantages of surface lasers as being a less invasive procedure with no recovery period, but results take time to be noticed.

Facial skin regeneration by ablative laser

Dr. Yasser Badi clarifies the effectiveness of the ablation laser, another type of laser that relies on the carbon laser in regenerating facial cells.

 The carbon laser beams are focused on the face to get rid of the outer layer of the skin and remove it completely, which stimulates the growth of new cells and enhances the production of natural collagen. This technique requires some time for the skin to heal and the clear, purified, and smooth results to be noticed.

Laser Treatment For Skin Regeneration
Laser Treatment For Skin Regeneration

Factors determining laser skin regeneration cost

There are many factors that Dr. Yasser Badi referred to as key factors that determine the cost of laser skin regeneration, and these factors are:

  • The country where you perform the procedure.
  • Skills and experiences of the attending physician.
  • Scientific certificate obtained by a plastic surgeon.
  • The area of ​​the face targeted to be treated.
  • The type of laser technology used in the procedure.
  • The number of sessions for the process.
  • The cosmetic center where the operation is to be performed.
  • The level of hygiene, sterilization, accreditation, and services within the center.
  • Medical care and medical examinations before and after the operation.
  • Follow-up visits post-procedure.

Facial skin regeneration using laser technology cost

Dr. Yasser Badi as we mentioned before stressed that the cost of facial skin regeneration is difficult to be determined since it’s affected by several variables, but there is an average price announced by the General Academy of Plastic Surgeons, which is 520 US dollars, which is equivalent to a value ranging between 500 Egyptian pounds and 2500 Egyptian pounds, according to the previously identified factors.

Who are the non-candidates for facial rejuvenation?

Dr. Yasser Badi emphasized that you are a candidate to perform laser facial skin regeneration wherever you enjoy good health, according to the reports of medical analyzes that are carried out before the operation, and you possess acceptable goals and achievable expectations.

However, you are considered non-candidates if you are suffering from skin inflammation or irritation, deep dark skin, deep wrinkles, severe sagging, active acne, or ulcers around the mouth.

Facial skin regeneration procedure recovery

Dr. Yasser Badi notified us about the recovery period following the skin regeneration procedure of the facial cells, it is considered to be relative since it differs from one patient to another and according to the area to be treated.

It takes about 3 weeks for a complete recovery, with the possibility of itching or redness in the color of the skin in the first 24 hours after the operation, and the peeling of the area to be treated would last for a week after the procedure, all of them are normal and do not worry about them. But if the patient experiences any other side effects, he must contact his physician and follow up periodically.

My experience with facial skin regeneration

A forty-year-old girl told us about her experience with the regeneration of facial cells, where she said that she was suffering from early wrinkles, in addition to fine lines around the mouth and under the eye, which made her feel discomfort whenever she looked in the mirror, and with the innovation of many natural recipes and therapeutic ointments, she did not achieve that girl the purity of the skin that she dreamed.

 After a long thought, she decided to perform a cosmetic intervention, and the plastic surgeon advised her to use laser technology because of its many advantages. After the operation, the girl told us that she had become twenty years younger than her age and had clear, pure skin without pallor, impurities, or wrinkles that fight her beauty.

Tips to follow followed after the process of rejuvenating facial cells

Dr. Yasser Badi provides some important instructions to be followed after the operation, which are:

  • Clean your skin every 6 hours.
  • Use the prescribed medical ointments by your physician at the prescribed time.
  • Avoid using all kinds of cosmetics.
  • Avoid exfoliating the skin or using anything that irritates the skin.
  • Avoid swimming to decrease the risk of infection.
  • Avoid direct exposure to sunlight without applying adequate sunscreen.

Preparations before the process of facial skin regeneration

Dr. Yasser Badi enumerates several preparations that the patient must follow before performing that procedure, which is:

  • Refrain from taking any medications that affect bleeding such as aspirin, ibuprofen, or vitamin E for at least 20 days before the operation.
  • Avoid direct exposure to sunlight.
  • Quit smoking for at least 10 days before and after the operation since smoking affects recovery.
  • Drink enough amount of water before the process of regeneration of facial cells to moisturize the skin.
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