Lip lift

Lip lift

A smile is one of the things that gives a positive feeling to either the smiling person or the one who receives this smile. As it was said in famous wisdom: “A smile is a key to hearts.” This is because a smile can express many sincere feelings without making any effort or uttering any word. Many people use their smiles to express themselves, but what if you are not satisfied with the way your smile looks, or you suffer from a lip problem that makes you hide your smile? Fortunately, modern science has found the final solutions to most of our problems. If you dream of having a wonderful smile and attractive lips, the solution is the Lip lift process, which we will introduce you to in detail in this article.

What does Lip lift mean?

It is a very simple and miniature operation, which is performed under local anesthesia, and it aims to raise the upper lip, either to treat looseness and sagging, to enlarge its size, or to show it in a more youthful and attractive way. during the recent period.

Who is eligible for a Lip lift?

In many cases it is a necessity rather than a luxury, as in the following cases:

  • People who suffer from small and drooping lips, in addition to sagging and wrinkles in the surrounding skin area due to age.
  • The upper lip should be large and drooping so that it hinders the person while speaking or smiling, or leads to the complete coverage of the teeth.
  • People who suffer from a large area below the nose and above the lips.
  • In the case of very small lips, or not visible at all.

Features of Lip lift 

Many advantages will surely motivate you to perform the operation and go through this experience:

  • It gives the lady an attractive and striking smile, which increases her level of self-confidence.
  • Helps you look more youthful and vibrant.
  • Hide wrinkles and aging lines, which are abundant in the upper lip area.
  • The operation is very easy and safe and does not have any serious complications.
  • The operation takes 30 minutes, and the recovery period is concise, which will not hinder you from practicing your daily life normally.

Preparing for a lip lift operation

You must be aware of some things to be able to prepare well for the operation, and here are the most important things that you must do:

  • Refrain from smoking before the operation for about a month.
  • Talk to your doctor about any medications you take, especially if they contain blood thinners.
  • Tell your doctor if you suffer from chronic diseases like pressure and diabetes.
  • On the day of the operation, avoid applying any makeup or lipstick.
Lip lift
Lip lift

Lip lift methods

There are several techniques used to perform the Lip lift operation, and the technique by which the Lip lift will be performed is chosen according to the case, and here are some examples:

1. Lip lift by injection

The lips are injected with some fillers such as Botox fillers for several purposes, where the filler is injected to increase the volume of the lips, and treat the wrinkles in them, and the filler gives the lips a full and lifted appearance, but this technique is not useful for people who suffer from very small lips, and therefore resort to in addition to other techniques, this is in addition to the fact that the result of filler or Botox injections does not last long.

2. Lip lift with cosmetic threads

It is also known as Lip Threading, and it takes place under the influence of local anesthesia, where the doctor takes measurements of the lips and determines the places from which the threads will be inserted, then the doctor inserts the thread through a thin tube and takes it out from the opposite end, then the doctor moves the thread up and down to be able to achieve the best shape of the lips, then fixing the thread permanently, and what distinguishes the operation with cosmetic threads, is that these threads do not leave any scars or traces, and they are compatible with the body and do not cause any sensitivity, and recovery after the operation does not require It takes a long time and you can leave the hospital immediately after the operation is completed.

3. Lip lift by surgery

It is the most difficult, but the most effective and the best in terms of results, and it is used for difficult cases, such as severe sagging of the lips and their lack of appearance at all, or they completely hide the teeth while talking or smiling, and the Lip lift operation is done by surgery through the following steps:

  • After local or general anesthesia, according to the patient’s comfort, the doctor draws and defines the lip area, and accurately defines the area from which the tissue will be removed.
  • The doctor begins by removing some tissue and fat from the area below the nose, in the form of a crescent or a circle, according to the need of the case.
  • The doctor sutures the wound through small, inconspicuous stitches.
  • This operation is in which the entire upper lip is lifted, and there is another operation that is intended only for lifting the outermost lips.

What is the best technique for Lip lift?

As we mentioned earlier, each technique is specific to certain cases, but in general, the procedure is performed through surgery, which is the best in terms of the final result, and the result lasts a long time, unlike filler or Botox injections that need to be re-injected every once in a while.

Post-operative recovery period

The recovery period, or what is known as the recovery period after the operation, is determined by the technique used, for example:

  • Lip lift with filler does not require a long time to recover, as a few hours during which the patient is committed to rest and stopping talking and eating is a very sufficient period.
  • As for the Lip lift with cosmetic threads, the recovery period ranges from one to two days.
  • The Lip lift through surgery is the longest in terms of recovery, as the patient needs a period ranging from one week to 10 days to complete the recovery period and remove swelling from the area.

Tips for a quick recovery after the operation

Many instructions must be followed after undergoing the Lip lift operation, for the recovery and recovery phase to pass safely, and without any pain or complications:

  • After the operation, you should avoid moving your lips too much, which means that you will avoid talking a lot or straining your lips, because this may lead to a change in the final appearance of the result.
  • You will have to eat soft and liquid foods, and stay away from those that require opening the mouth too much or exerting effort while eating them, such as hamburgers and large sandwiches.
  • Commitment to take the medications prescribed by the doctor to speed up the recovery process, and they also include antibiotics to avoid any infections.
  • It is normal for swelling of the upper lip and the surrounding area, and the doctor will advise you to use cold compresses to reduce swelling.

In conclusion, we mention that the operation is very simple and safe and does not involve any pain or risks. Through immediate communication with our medical team, you can obtain more information and ask your questions and inquiries, which will be answered immediately.

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