Fractional laser Laser skin regeneration

Fractional laser | Laser skin regeneration

Fractional laser technology is one of the modern cosmetic techniques used to combat many skin problems, because it has many uses and advantages that distinguish this technology from other cosmetic techniques, as the Fractional laser device starts with rebuilding the surface skin layers and producing collagen as well as getting rid of dead cells, in order to achieve healthy and fresh skin free of any defects.

What is Fractional laser technology?

It is one of the modern technologies that gives impressive results on the face and the skin. It is one of the systems that follow a laser wavelength system in. Elastin and collagen, by heating the deep layers in the skin, which is called partial protein denaturation, in order to form other new components outside the cell.

It is worth noting that when laser skin resurfacing in the microscopic area of the skin gives good results, but at the same time the skin layers are affected by the effect of fractional rays, but Dr. Yasser Badi reassures his clients that the skin will quickly heal and recover when the skin is renewed.

Uses of laser skin resurfacing sessions

Laser skin resurfacing is used to treat and get rid of scars, as it is considered one of the best modern techniques used to treat various skin problems and defects, such as:

  • The presence of enlarged sebaceous glands in the nose.
  • Some deep and fine wrinkles.
  • cost of the skin resulting from the period of pregnancy and beyond.
  • Dark spots that result from aging.
  • In case of discrepancy in skin color.
  • the presence of birthmarks.
  • Skin burns from the sun.
  • Cases of deep hyperpigmentation.
  • Scars that result from acne.
  • Treatment of wide pores.

It is worth mentioning that laser skin resurfacing can treat all skin types, but Dr. Yasser Badi confirms that only the doctor can determine the appropriateness of this technique for the patient, as this depends on the patient’s age, health condition, skin type, and the area to be treated.

Fractional laser devices

There are two main types of laser skin resurfacing devices, namely the carbon dioxide laser that treats various problems in the skin for the elderly, as it specializes in deep wrinkles that are difficult to reach with other devices, and the second type is the erbium laser, in addition to some other types. like:

  • Fractional laser FOURI treats both cosmetic and medical problems as well because it combines carbon dioxide and erbium lasers.
  • The SOLTA MEDICAL FRAXEL SR 1500 device is used in facial beautification by treating scars and facial pits and also works to stimulate the production of collagen in the skin.
  • A laser device produced by CANDELLA company, which works on launching a group of laser beams that are directed at the area to be treated in order to produce new cells and stimulate collagen production.

How are Fractional laser sessions done?

What distinguishes Fractional laser sessions most is their ease of application, as it is one of the modern, easy, and safe technologies on the skin, where laser beams are applied to the target area, and laser skin resurfacing does not require much time in its application, but that depends on the area to be treated with a laser, it takes about 30 to 45 minutes, and for a full-face laser treatment, it takes two hours.

The cooling device is used in order to reduce the pain resulting from the laser session and exfoliate the superficial layers of the skin. In addition, the fractional laser device stimulates collagen production once dead cells are removed and disposed of, through the production of precise heat energy. 

Dr. Yasser Badi explains that the number of sessions depends on the number of scars and the condition of the skin, as well as the effects of the pills.

Fractional laser Laser skin regeneration
Fractional laser Laser skin regeneration

Laser skin resurfacing success factors

After completing the laser skin resurfacing sessions, the patient is waiting to know the results, but Dr. Yasser Badi confirms that the results of the fractional laser sessions depend on several factors, the most important of which are:

  • How long the problem has passed and how recent it is?
  • The doctor’s experience, reputation, ability, and experience in this field.
  • The degree of response between people and the extent of their differences.
  • Skin or skin condition prior to starting sessions.
  • Expectations about the sessions as well as the expected results.
  • Commitment to take the medications prescribed by the doctor, as well as the prescribed treatment period.
  • Commitment to the number of sessions required for treatment.
  • The area of the target area for treatment.

Most of the time, when laser skin resurfacing, the patient needs 4 or 5 sessions, in addition to that the difference between each session and the second is about a month, and one session takes half an hour, while the results begin to appear after about two or three sessions.

Features and benefits of Fractional laser

There are many advantages of Fractional laser technology with several advantages, the most important of which are:

  • Lift drooping and sagging eyelids.
  • Exfoliation and renewal of old and dead skin cells.
  • Facelift without surgical intervention, as well as raising the eyebrows.
  • A safe and effective way to get rid of scars.
  • Achieving smooth, radiant skin with a more vibrant appearance.
  • The use of modern mechanisms in cooling continuously, in order to reduce the feeling of pain and burning.
  • Getting rid of light and dark spots and unifying skin color.
  • Enhancing and stimulating the production of collagen for freshness and vitality of the skin.
  • Getting rid of fine lines as well as large ones.
  • Elimination of wrinkles and sagging skin.

Fractional laser defects and damages

Although laser skin resurfacing is one of the latest modern cosmetic techniques used in skin regeneration, it carries some damages and risks in the event of its incorrect use or when used by unqualified persons or specialists in the field of cosmetic medicine, which leads to the emergence of many damages such as:

  • The phenomenon of the sudden spread of acne in the area that was treated with Fractional laser, but there is no need to worry as these scars quickly begin to disappear without leaving any traces.
  • For people who suffer from bleeding or blood problems, when undergoing laser skin resurfacing sessions, their sensitivity to radiation and light increases, and they are more susceptible to blood thinning, so it is not recommended that they undergo such sessions.
  • Excess peeling of the skin as a result of the inexperience of the treating person.
  • This technique is not suitable for some people, especially during the period of acne treatment, as well as pregnant and breastfeeding women, as well as those who suffer from immune diseases.
  • The appearance of some dark and light spots on the skin surrounding the treated area, as well as a change in color.

Cost of laser skin resurfacing for scar treatment

Fractional laser session prices depend on several conditions and factors, which Dr. Yasser Badi explains as follows:

  • The number of sessions that the skin needs to repair.
  • The extent of the doctor’s reputation in this field.
  • Successful experiences of previous clients with the doctor.
  • The cost of laser skin resurfacing varies according to the country in which the sessions are conducted, as the cost is lower in Arab countries compared to foreign countries.
  • The number of scars on the skin, as well as the number of effects resulting from the pills.
  • The quality of modern equipment and devices in the clinic.
  • The general condition of the skin as well as the number of skin problems.


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