In the recent period, dimples operations became famous in many countries, especially Arab countries, as they increase the beauty and innocence of the face. In both ancient and modern cultures, dimples were referred to as giving a character of beauty to women and men, and this made many people accept this operation.

Although the dimple is one of the aesthetic aspects of the face, it occurs as a result of some muscle fibers attaching to the skin and then pulling the skin towards the inside while laughing or smiling, as well as speaking.

What is meant by dimples surgeries?

are one of the plastic surgeries which are made on the cheek or both cheeks, according to the person’s desire. The aim is to appear at the time of a smile, which adds to the face a beautiful appearance and a special elegance.

The dimple is located on one side of the face, and it may also be found on both sides of the face, and the dimple is deeper and clearer in children, but with age, it begins to disappear as a result of the expansion of the expressive muscles of the face, which made it an aesthetic supplement for women and men as well.

Dr. Yasser Badi stresses the necessity of performing this operation in hospitals, centers, or clinics that are equipped and designated for this while choosing a qualified doctor to operate with to avoid any complications.

The suitable candidate for dimples

Both men and women can undergo dimple surgery, for all age groups, provided that the patient meets all of the following specifications:

  • The desire to have dimples on the cheek or the chin, as most women prefer having dimples on the cheek, while men prefer having them in the chin area.
  • Provides realistic expectations.
  • The patient should not suffer from any diseases in general.
  • In the event of a desire to change facial features, especially when smiling.

Precautions to be adhered to before the dimples operation

Before undergoing the operation, Dr. Yasser Badi discusses many details with the patient who is a candidate for the operation, and he also directs the patient to a set of instructions that must be adhered to obtain the best-desired results, and these precautions such as:

  • Avoid eating and drinking six hours before the procedure.
  • Stop taking some medications prescribed by the doctor, such as aspirin, Motrin, or Advil, as well as fish oil, at least a week before the operation.
  • Follow medical prescriptions and use nutritional supplements and vitamins recommended by the attending physician.

How to perform a dimples operation?

If the patient desires to have distinctive dimples on the cheek or nice cheek dimples that appear in the case of laughing or smiling, this can be obtained easily by performing a small operation that does not exceed 15 minutes, where local anesthesia is used for that.

The doctor determines the location of the dimple during the pre-operative consultation, while during the operation, incisions are made in the mouth area to remove part of the oral mucosa (the inner moist skin) and the cheek muscle, and then the incision is sutured.


Locate the dimples to perform their surgery

Dr. Yasser Badi is interested in choosing the location of the dimples with extreme accuracy, by choosing a natural location for them, as there are several methods through which the location of the dimples can be located, the most famous of which is drawing a longitudinal line from the outermost eye-opening to the bottom of the face, in addition to that, Dr. Yasser Badi draws a line The last is horizontal from the side of the mouth crosswise, hence the location of the dimple is the intersection of these two lines together.

The results of the process dimple

After completing the procedure, you will notice that the dimple remains clear for several weeks, with or without a smile, but after 3 weeks, the dimple will become clear when smiling only, making it similar to a natural dimple.

In addition, you will feel some swelling or light blueness in the cheek, but this will quickly disappear after a few days. As for the recovery period, it usually does not exceed three days as a maximum, and soon the final results will begin to appear after 3 weeks of the operation.

The most important advice of from Dr. Yasser Badi after the dimples operation

There are several tips that Dr. Yasser Badi offers to patients after the operation. Here are the most important of these tips:

  • Eat healthy foods.
  • Avoid very hot or very cold drinks in the first hours after the operation.
  • Do not touch the face or forcefully press it from the outside during the first week after the operation.
  • In the event of swelling or bruising on the face, cold compresses should be used.
  • Stay away from smoking.
  • Avoid hard or rough food or chewing gum in the first two days after the operation.
  • Elevate the head on an extra pillow while sleeping to reduce swelling.
  • Avoid feeling pain or scratching the incision.

Types of dimples

Many people think that there are dimples in the cheek only, but there are four types, namely:

  • Lower corner dimple or what is called a dimple under the mouth, as this dimple is one of the rare dimples.
  • dimples for the cheeks.
  • dimple of the chin.
  • A dimple on one cheek.

Possible risks of dimples

Dr. Yasser Badi confirms that there are no risks in general when operating, except that there are some cases in which some minor complications may occur, such as:

  • may disappear if the suture is loosened or moved.
  • Facial swelling.
  • Suffering from minor bleeding or infection.
  • The occurrence of scars in the outer area of the face in the form of a small red line.
  • Risk of severe reactions to anesthesia.
  • There is little possibility of scars remaining after the operation.
  • Infection with some health problems such as bleeding as a result of surgery.

Advantages of making dimples

Some many benefits and advantages result from dimples, as Dr. Yasser Badi mentions these advantages as follows:

  • No need to stop your routine life after the procedure.
  • Makes your smile and the appearance of your face more attractive.
  • Significantly enhance self-confidence.
  • Relatively short and painless procedure.
  • Simple operation.
  • Safe and effective.

Dimples operation cost

In most cases, the costs of the procedure are not exorbitant or high, because this procedure is simple compared to other plastic surgeries, and it does not require any deep surgical intervention, all that the patient needs is to choose the appropriate doctor and focus on his experience, in addition to the success rate of the process It relies on the way the dimples work themselves and their natural and simple appearance, which gives attractiveness to the shape of the cheeks.

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