Best plastic surgeon for rhinoplasty surgeries

Best plastic surgeon for rhinoplasty surgeries

When it comes to improving the shape of the nose and getting amazing results, choosing the right surgeon plays a crucial role. Finding the best plastic surgeon to perform rhinoplasty is like searching for a skilled artist with the unique ability to sculpt beauty and embody it in the smallest details. 

Among the names that sit on the utmost respect and appreciation in the field of rhinoplasty surgery, Dr. Yasser Badi brings his extensive experience and exceptional skills with a successful history of innovative operations and amazing results.

The best plastic surgeon in Alexandria for rhinoplasty 

Among the most famous plastic surgeons, the name of Dr. Yasser Badi shines, who is considered one of the best doctors in the world of rhinoplasty.  Thanks to his extensive and continuous experience and commitment to technological development. Dr. Yasser Badi is considered the best doctor and an ideal choice for those seeking superior aesthetic improvement to their nose.

In addition, what distinguishes Dr. Yasser is the wonderful balance between surgical precision and aesthetic art, as he combines his prowess in diagnosis and advanced surgical techniques to achieve amazing results and takes great care in achieving an ideal balance between the shape of the nose and the unique facial features of each patient as if sculpting beauty with his expert fingertips.

The most important information about rhinoplasty 

Rhinoplasty is a surgical procedure used to improve the shape and function of the nose.  Dr. Yasser Badi, the best plastic surgeon, explains below some basic information about this procedure:

  • Nose beautification surgery aims to improve the aesthetic and functional aspects of the nose. Common goals may include correcting structural deformities such as nasal overhang or deviation, reducing or enlarging the nose, modifying the shape of the tip, reducing the size of the nose, or improving symmetry between the nose and the rest of the facial features.
  • Rhinoplasty surgery includes a comprehensive evaluation of the patient, where the best plastic surgeon analyzes the structure of the nose and surrounding skin and evaluates the expected expectations from the operation. Available options are also discussed and the surgeon recommends the optimal procedure based on the patient’s condition.
  • Nose beautification surgery is usually performed under general anesthesia, where small cuts are applied in the nose or on the outer skin to reach the inner structure of the nose. The surrounding bone, cartilage, and tissues are modified according to the specific design of the operation, and then the wounds are closed with knotted sutures that dissolve naturally or with sutures that can be removed. 
  • After the operation, the patient may need a recovery period, usually ranging from two weeks to a month, as the patient may feel swelling and bruising in the area surrounding the nose, but they fade over time. Therefore, intense physical activities and direct sun exposure should be avoided during the recovery period.
  • Although this procedure is generally safe, it may include some potential risks and complications such as bleeding, infection, changes in sensitivity, and unwanted scarring.

Who can perform rhinoplasty? 

The nose beautification procedure provides many benefits to people who suffer from aesthetic or functional problems with their noses. In addition to improving the appearance of the nose and making it fit better with other facial features, this procedure can help get rid of breathing problems associated with deformities in the nasal structure.

Through the clinics of Dr. Yasser Badi, the best plastic surgeon, it is possible to diagnose and treat nasal problems. He uses the latest international diagnostic devices to accurately determine the nature of the problem and using the best available techniques, he works to solve the problem safely and effectively while avoiding any unwanted complications.

Best plastic surgeon for rhinoplasty surgeries
Best plastic surgeon for rhinoplasty surgeries

Techniques for treating nasal problems 

There are several different techniques and procedures used to treat nose problems. The best plastic surgeon in Alexandria explains some of the common techniques and procedures used:


This procedure is the most common option for improving the shape of the nose. This procedure adjusts the size and shape of the nose and improves its symmetry with the rest of the facial features. The best plastic surgeon also works to reshape the nose using surgical techniques such as cutting, moving, and precise application of stitches.

Breathing correction surgery (Rinocept surgery)

If you have breathing problems due to abnormalities in the nasal structure, Dr. Yasser may recommend respiratory correction surgery, which aims to improve airflow by opening the respiratory passages and correcting structural abnormalities such as a crooked nose or a blocked nose.

Nose augmentation (nose augmentation with fillers)

This technique is used to increase the size of the nose and modify its shape using filling materials such as silicone or autologous fat, where the filling materials are injected into specific sites in the nose to achieve the desired effect.

Nose reduction (nose reduction by peeling) 

This technique is used to reduce the size of the nose and reduce its appearance, as part of the bone or cartilage is removed from the nose to achieve the desired reduction.

Standards of Nose Beauty

The best plastic surgeon explains that the standards of the beauty of the nose must be proportional to the shape of the face and the symmetry of the general features, it means that there may be an ideal nose for certain faces, but it may not suit other people and may not appear beautiful on them. 

A vertical line is also used that divides the face into two halves as a measure of the deviation and tilt of the nose, as well as for symmetry. There are usually slight differences between the two halves of the face, but they often do not affect the overall beauty of the face. In addition, the distance between two lines on either side of the nose should be about 80% of the width of the base of the nose, and if the distance is greater than that, the base of the nose must be narrowed by surgery.

In addition, the width of the base of the nose should be approximately equal to the distance between the corners of the eyes and the width of one eye. The shape of the tip of the nose and the nostrils from below should be an oval triangle and slightly inclined towards the middle. The deepest area of ​​the nose should be between the line of Upper eyelashes and upper eyelid wrinkles. If the deepest area of ​​the nose is below the eyelashes, this may indicate a short nose and excessive protrusion in the upper part.

Advantages of performing Nose beautification surgery

There are many benefits and advantages that the patient obtains immediately after undergoing Nose beautification surgery, which the best plastic surgeon explains as follows:

  • Achieving aesthetic balance of the face by correcting the problem of nose size appropriate to the general features of the face.
  • Correcting problems with nasal width and improving the shape and location of the nostrils.
  • Correction of bulges or depressions in the nasal structure.
  • Correcting problems with the tip of the nose which may be enlarged, bulging, drooping, or upturned.
  • Correcting the size and shape of nostrils that may appear large, wide, or inverted.
  • Achieving symmetry and balance in the shape of the nose with the rest of the facial features.
  • Improve breathing problems caused by narrow nostrils.
  • Correcting physical deformities and improving self-confidence and the general appearance of the individual.
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